2015 At a GLANCE!

Hi guys, welcome to 2016!  I missed you all! I have been super lazy since my last post which was obviously last year :-D! I know right, that sounds super cool! like 2015 is past now, lol! How was 2015? Mine was wonderful. I know this post is coming quite late, as in who writes “2015 at a glance” on the 10th day of January in 2016!! and i am super sorry!  How was your 2015?? What resolutions did you make at the beginning? How many did you fufill?? Anyway answer those questions before setting new ones this year! My 2015 was wonderful, let me take you through a summary of my previous year.

  1. 2015 was a very Emotional year for me!

Now at a time this wasnt funny anymore. 2015 was a very emotional year for me. I had a fair share of almost every kind of emotional feeling ever. Love, Joy, Pain, Betrayal, loss, everything. I also learnt alot about self worth and loyalty.  I lost quite a number of people in 2015. My grand mother was the firrst person to go. Though it was a loss, Mama died at quite an age so the celebration was both really big and wonderful. you probably heard about her burial lol.  Motunrayo Ibitolu was the next to answer God’s call. That was one person who in my opinion didnt deserve to die but of course who am I and what do I know, God knows the best. I cried that day when I heard “Asake” (The name I gave her) died. Tunrayo was one of the most wonderful people i have known in my life time even till this very moment i am writing this peice. Then came September, my very own mother decided to sleep! HA!!! YEPA!!! I wanted to die! I wrote her tribute in tears and it was really a very haed time for me because  had to plan her burial, stay strong for everyone else and greive privately all at the same time! It was a really horrible period of my life but then  scaled through. Thank God. I lost other people too, m best friend Tolani lost his mum, the nicest guy i said i have ever known; Toyosi also lost his Dad, so many other people. Apart from all the losses, i just discovered it was really emotional for me. That i hope to change in 2016. I would try as much as possinble not to let anything or anybody get under my skin.

  1. The Wonderful People I met:
  1. Emmanuella Akpotunimibofa Opigo: I would forever appreciate the fact that i met this gem. Her voice brings joy to my heart and butterflies to my belly. She definately was one of the factors that made 2015  very emotional year for me.Very wonderful being.You need people like her in your life. Definatly!

    Mimi Opigo

    2. AMINA! : I dont even know her surname and i dont have her picture. In short, i have never seen her full face before lol. She was always on hijab lol. Okay, I met Amina at Lekki Mall when i went for an interview with Leadway Assurance. We got talking and we still do till now, her idiologies about religion, peace, faith and love are just amazing. If i have learnt anything from Amina, it would be that “religion doesnt make your personality; it either polishes the beautiful person you naturally are or turns you into a bigot and hypocrate”. I am so happy i met you Amina.

Those werent the only people i met in 2015, neither are those the only ones worth mentioning but let me say they played the most part in my 2015 for newbies i kinda feel like i have known them forever lol.

  1. The  Interviews I attended:

I started my year with an interview for a post graduate internship with the  Software Lab at the centre of excllence in software Engineering for the position of Algorithm designer, program testeer and code debugger. It was a wonderful interview because apart from the part where i ended up getting a position of polyglot software engineer, i had my own personal cubicle and i got to send plenty of emails with my personal signature. It was super cool. I met sooo many tech people and that was really dope. Lemme show you my email signature lol.


I attended another interview with Leadway Assurance at Surulere, Lagos. That was just wonderful. They were busy asking me school stuff and thank God I knew almost all the answers. Those guys were so nice….. at least the ones who interviewed me. It was wondrful shaa. My year was filled with so many interviews, most of which i passed. It was really wondeerrful.

  1. The causes I aided:

I did so many cause aiding and supporting in 2015. Of course which included plenty of volunteering. House 411, Life Vanguards, Project Zero Polio, Hiv Sensitizations, the United Nations even i couldnt attend (Which was super painful), World youth alliance membership, etc.  2015 was just a year of volunteering, aiding good causes and helping humanity.  Hopefully before the end of February, I hope to have joined a Rotery Club in my area so i can help humanity even more.

  1. My Events and Celebrations:

In this case, everything was a hit back to back. From my birthday to my convocation, to the meet and greet i organised at home one day i was super  bored, to my nysc camp. All werre just perfect! I couldnt have wished for anything better then. I would begin my series of NYSC on Tuesday. By the way, i was posted to JOS!


The truth is 2015 was generally a wonderful year for me. Too many inidences,sleepless nights, lazy days, wonderful and horrible periods too but then  styed strong not because i know how to but because my friends, family and my God were there to keep me going. You all have been wonderful. Expect better things in 2016 any remember God loves you the way you are. Save me stress by subscribing by email to this blog . Feel free to always send me an email at joelaleburu@gmail.com , i would be ready to reply you. Please overlook all the errors in this post, i hate proof reading my work. Have fun, fall in love, love God an be happy. Byeeeeee

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