“Its not too late to unlearn your brand of Misogyny”- Happy Women’s Day.

Let me begin this article by wishing all women around the world a happy international women’s day. Today is such an important day for all women around the world.  Of every colour, religion, race, size, and sexuality. I do realize how important women are in moulding the society. My mother was a great woman and her demise only opened me to how much she had covered me from so many things and how much weight she had carried on my behalf. This is a characteristic synonymous with almost every woman.  All women are different, they are of different colours and shapes but are very special in their very own different ways. So, I want to say a big happy international women’s day to every woman especially the ones in Nigeria. Their ability to thrive in this country is radical in and of itself.

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Joel Oseiga has no Religion. Love is My Religion.


So I haven’t written anything on this blog in over seven months. That’s a long time. I am back and I hope to continue writing for a long time. How have you been dear reader? What has life been offering you and how has your head been filtering these things.

My life has been great, so many wonderful things have happened to me between seven months ago and now. I have read more books, visited more places and gained more overall knowledge. I have begun a master’s in Cyber Security (I am almost done now) and have been messing around with a lot of projects on IoT devices recently (Those things are super awesome).

Also, I got a security column with signalng.com; “Doing the Cyber”. Awesome name yea?  I got that name from the twitter name of @larimah  , my column has been awesome I must admit and my readers are growing constantly. Apart from that, more of my articles have been published by many major newspapers in Nigeria it has been a very awesome and busy series of months. Continue reading

Industrial And Technological Revolution As Pathway To Nigeria’s Development


As Nigeria gradually slides into an economic recession, the effects of her industrial and technological backwardness can vividly be seen as almost nothing works at the moment. There has never been a more required time than now for a technological and industrial revolution.

Universities were established basically for two reasons. First and primarily for research and second, for knowledge dissemination.  It is indisputable that Nigerians are one of the smartest people in the world. We go and do exploits wherever they are found but unfortunately, most research done by universities, never get to see the light of implementation. Perhaps it is apposite to share a personal experience: briefly after my undergraduate studies, while interning as an algorithm designer and program debugger at the Centre of Excellence in software engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, I met a couple of students at the software lab seeking some assistance. They were developing a robot that uses sensors to learn about the environment and then make decisions based on information gathered overtime. At the end, the robot was able to navigate the entire laboratory and perform some other tasks. Those students put in for an international robotics competition but didn’t go far since they were competing with people with more sophisticated robots and they had done theirs with the little and insufficient resources at their disposal. Continue reading

An Untitled Article about a Country Yet to Lay Claim to Her Title. -Oluwakorede Cole


At the risk of sounding cliché, Nigerian youths of today have been fed tales of how the mantle of leadership would fall upon their shoulders in future, in a future where they would be ripe enough to lead a country with an enormous amount of people with diverse cultural views, ideas and dialects. This task being rather large need people who see a great nation mature enough to be greater and seize every advantage it has over other countries both large and small by leaving no chance to negativity, prejudice or pessimism. I don’t need to take you down memory lane as this article is aimed at laying a blueprint for the forward motion of a country so great but with inadequate engines (leaders) to propel it forward, so I ask for permission to assume each person that picks this up to read has adequate knowledge of the past to know where we have and should be. Continue reading

Dear Mr President: Before your Time runs Out.

“You cannot get a 4-year mandate, do rubbish for 4 years, become desperate for one month and expect to be returned. Na home you dey go.”

-JJ. Omojuwa

President Buhari

Nigerians all over the world are known to be remarkable achievers. You might consider that a highly over-rated statement but if you take your time to look into that statement critically, you will discover the truth and simplicity hidden in it

Honestly, it takes a lot of wisdom to achieve great things internationally and takes even more wisdom to dupe a fellow man. So, from whatever angle you have had to deal with a fellow Nigerian, you will agree with me that we are a bunch of very hardworking, intelligent and strong minded people who love to achieve things even if it is just so we can put it in the faces of our children while growing up, or for the after party. The Reasons for hard work vary from person to person but one thing is sure, whatever the reasons may be, Nigerians just love and take glory in achieving feats.  We are a country of intelligent and smart people who would never allow ourselves to be cheated perhaps due to the ‘Nigerian’ blood that flows through our veins. That we are blessed with extremely rich human resources and also, a functioning brain, is altogether a no – brainer.

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Let’s talk about Rape!


I woke up this morning planning to write about my weekend trip to Abuja and about how the sole of my shoe removed at a park in the middle of town only to see a tweet by an on air personality blaming rape on indecent dressing on the part of the ladies. I am just mad right now! So why not let’s discuss RAPE! The truth about RAPE is you never know how delicate and sensitive the matter is until someone you love experiences it. The story of the girl that was gang raped by five boys in ABSU made news both nationally and internationally years ago. What was her offence? She insulted one of the boys. We live in a cruel world but the truth is the Nigerian society encourages rape!

You don’t go about blaming rape on a girl that dressed “indecently”! Come to think of it, decent dressing is relative! There is no world known standard for what dresses are decent! The issue shouldn’t be “them rape you! Watin you wear??” Most people who get raped end up wallowing in silence because of the stigmatization attached. Nobody wants to hear her side (Does she even have a side in the first place?) ! Let me share a story I read from yeoal.com some time ago. Continue reading

2015 At a GLANCE!

Hi guys, welcome to 2016!  I missed you all! I have been super lazy since my last post which was obviously last year :-D! I know right, that sounds super cool! like 2015 is past now, lol! How was 2015? Mine was wonderful. I know this post is coming quite late, as in who writes “2015 at a glance” on the 10th day of January in 2016!! and i am super sorry!  How was your 2015?? What resolutions did you make at the beginning? How many did you fufill?? Anyway answer those questions before setting new ones this year! My 2015 was wonderful, let me take you through a summary of my previous year. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about TIME!

Hi guys, how  have  you  been?  I  totally  missed  you  too,  its been  so  long!!    First  let  me  start  by  saying thank  you  very  much  for  all  those  who  sent their  condolences  after  the  death  of  my  mum. The  emails  I received from  readers  of this blog  alone  were  so  many  I  couldn’t  reply  all of  them. If  I  didn’t  reply  your email,  please  do  know  that  I  read  it  (I actually  read EVERYONE  of  them  to  be  honest)  ,  and  my  heart  said a prayer  for  you  along  with  a thank  you.    Thanks  for  the  calls,  texts  and  some  even  sent  condolence cards to  my  office ..  lol.  I  received about  16  condolence  cards  and  notes  from  some  of  my  blog readers(Most  from  the  Obafemi  Awolowo University  )  .    Thank  you! 

So  first  things  first,  before  I  get  to  the real spice  could  someone  please  tell  me  what  has been happening to  Chelsea??  I  mean, has Jose  Mourinho  suddenly  lost  every  sense  of  winning?  Or  chill, did  he  come  to Nigeria?  Maybe  he  talked  anyhow  (As usual)…  then she  got  angry……then did  the  naija  thing  to  his winning  abilities  in  the  middle of  okija forest!!  Now  that’s  the  only  excuse  that  is  not  only  acceptable  but imaginable.  You  know  Jose  always  has a comment  on  every  match  and  everything..  As in  can  you imagine this:  


This is just the height 😀

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