A Tribute to my Mother.

“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.”  — Lamartine

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. If you were once connected with someone, does it make sense that the connection is broken just because of a physical death? No, the connection stays. You may just have to listen differently. You may just have to talk differently. The truth is that the connection is never broken. It’s quite impossible to break the most powerful connection in the universe. As long as you exist, the connection stays. Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. My mother is always in mind; forever in my heart. The life of the dead is placed in the heart of the living. Forever in this heart of mine, an everlasting bond, you’ll stay, until we meet again someday.

The Memories that a mother leaves behind are cherished forever

Saying goodbye to a loved one is the hardest thing to do, more so when such loved one has left this world to join the saints. Though I have no doubt in my mind that my darling mother is now resting comfortably in the Lord’s bosom, I still found it difficult talking about her using past tenses. As she will be committed to mother earth, it’s extremely difficult bringing myself to tell her goodbye because the reality of her demise is still like a distant dream to me.

The sorrow for the dead is the only sorrow from which we refuse to be divorced. Every other wound we seek to heal – every other affliction to forget: but these wounds we consider it a duty to keep open – this affliction we cherish and brood over in solitude

My very adorable ,writing this tribute was also the hardest task I have ever faced in life, for as days went by, I procrastinated, clutching on the non-existing hope that my mother’s death was a long nightmare from which I would soon wake up to see her in good health, embrace her and relate my bad dream to you.

As my mother will be laid to rest, the reality of her departure has not only hit me like a thunderbolt, it has also brought to the fore, the poet, John Dryden’s assertion that “All Human Things Are Subject to Decay, When Fate Summons, Monarchs Must Obey”. The import of this is that for every living creature of God, death is the inevitable end of physical human existence on earth. Mother, you indeed had no say in the matter (in your departure) for your creator summoned you and you simply obeyed.

Now, how do I begin to describe my mother? Hundred million words will not be enough and a million years will be too short to adequately describe her. But let me just state here that she was extra-ordinary woman, a woman like no other, a mother like no other. She is irreplaceable; no other woman can be her. My mother’s selflessness stood her out. Her strong root in Christ was her trademark. Her equanimity and calmness of spirit in the face of pains and difficulties were my mother’s elegant features. She was hardworking! I used to tell her; “What Christy Aleburu cannot do, Can never be done!”. I am sure if she lived long enough to buy a trailer, she would have driven it herself (at least before getting a driver).

It’s sad that my mother left this world when the share portfolio of her dividends has started to grow. We have all despaired at our loss over the past weeks and only the strength of the message she gave us through her years of giving has afforded us the strength to move forward. My mother was a good woman with good heart. She stood for truth and justice even in the face of provocations and this means that genuine goodness is a threat to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum.

                    They say memories are golden
                     Well maybe that’s true
                     But I never wanted memories
                     I only wanted you.

                     A million times I’ve needed you
                     A million times I’ve cried
                     If love alone could have saved you
                     You never would have died.

                     In life I loved you dearly
                     In death I love you still
                     In my heart you hold a special place
                     No one could ever fill.

                     If tears could build a staircase
                     And heartache build a lane
                     I’d walk the path to heaven
                     And bring you back again.

                     To hear your voice, to see your smile
                     To sit and talk with you awhile
                     To be with you the same old way
                     Would be my fondest wish today     

                     Mom you were an Angel here on earth
                     I learned so very much from you.
                     You were so gentle and so kind your
                     Smile would always see me through.

                     You taught me how to love unconditionally
                     And how to be my very best in all I do.
                     You gave your all to God and your family
                     Never once stopping to think about you.

 I will like to end by thanking God for the mercies He has shown us at this dreadful time. Above all, we give thanks for the life of a woman I am so proud to be able to call my mother, the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable gem.

Goodbye my idol, good night, my heroin, fare ye well, my sweet mother, Mrs. Christy Edewede Aleburu (nee Otoide). Remember to send our love to grandma. A lot of us miss her terribly, but I know she’s in a better place where she won’t feel any more pain and where she’ll stay forever young. May God give her eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

“To have been loved so deeply even though the person who loved us is gone will give us some protection forever.”  —J.K. Rowling

I love you Mom. May your Soul Rest in Peace.

I love you Mom. May your Soul Rest in Peace.

Joel Oseiga Aleburu.


40 thoughts on “A Tribute to my Mother.

  1. May her soul rest peacefully in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ, I send my condolences for this dreadful event and I express my Joy and Happiness because of the testimonies your about to share!

  2. Can’t still believe she’s gone! Though I never had the chance to meet her, am rest assured that she’s in the bossom of the lord. I’m glad she lived her for Christ and even happier she played her role as a mother and wife here on earth. Love you ma! Love you Oseiga! #sadface

    • Thank you very much Rotimi. Our consolation is that she died in Christ so there is no need to be sad. Let’s just hope to meet her in heaven at the foot of Jesus. Thank you very much Rotimi.

  3. Bravo !!!, what a lovely composed tribute from u, joel, no trillions words or said other top currency used as words to bring d soul back to live again. Even to me personally, her death seems unbelieving, surdden and it look as if, it dream to me. I dont dought all d qualifications u gave to her, to me is excertally like dt, even when she is alive,since i have knew her. Your mum took greater part in my life too, both in financial and her encouragement to me. The day i heard her death,it look as if it‘s dream until i excerming it myself. The HOLY BIBLE has completed everythings for us that “ if it‘s in this earth we have only hope , we are the most misreable“
    Above all, HEBREW 9 V 27 ? The End is wot we dont no, but with CHRIST the end is sure for his pple.
    What gives me most courage over ur mum is that, she used her life and time, inside our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    Continue to rest, our dearly mother on the bosom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST till we meet & depart no more ! —–! Goodnight mum !—–

  4. RIP mama OJ. My one personal person OJ, May God give you the fortitude to bear this. Yes She is so irreplaceable. She cared a lot. I remember the days when she would come on visiting days back then in oscco dnt think she missed it. She was a loving person nd hardworking person. Even when I come to the shop I noticed all these, up to driving that big TACOMA herself. God is with you, AMEN .

  5. Sorry about this bro. May her soul rest in the bossom of her God. My thoughts are with you and your family at this period.
    Please endeavour to be the Man she thought you to be and make her happy.
    Be strong enough to forge ahead with your life.
    All z well.

  6. mehn this is really sumfn hard for we all to bear. not just you bro. buh in all we give thanks cos she died knowing Jesus. wld always see her in church. dragging u along mostly. lol. buh we are happy tho. she lived well. cheer up bro. a lot lies ahead.

  7. May her soul rest in peace. The Lord will give u strength all through and also to your family. Take heart all will be well. Just hold on firm to the Lord and all will be well.

  8. My brother, words cannot express my heart felt pain whenever i think about mama. Sincerely, i begin to wonder and ask myself, is anything in this life worth fighting for? When i think about you, Efe, Ohiota and Rhoda, i whisper to God for help for you guys. Its not easy especially for you knowing
    how close you were to her but i pray that you’d get the fortitude to face the reality that she has come down at her bustop. Its well with you bro, just be a man and stand for ur sisters. Hmmmm…. What else can I say? Short of words, may Mama Christy Aleburu’s soul rest in peace. Lots of love bro.

  9. This is absolutely beautiful…
    May she rest in peace.
    I pray God gives you all the fortitude to bear this and that this love burns on in your heart without pain. I hope you’ll be stronger and better for each thought of her that crosses your mind

  10. Never got a chance to meet her but you are an evidence she was an amazing mother. You shall know no sorrow again in Jesus name. Stay strong bro

  11. Joel, as hard and painful as it is to lose someone you love, I know God will hold and be even more a parent to you . The love you received from her lives on even in your heart and in the people you love. May her soul rest in the everlasting peace and presence of God Almighty.
    I pray love to you and your family, and I know you’ll get through this even stronger by the grace and love of God. Amen.

  12. This is a very moving Tribute.

    My dear brother, please accept my sincere condolences. I was unaware of what had happened until very recently.

    I remember your mum very clearly, with her very friendly personality, gentleness and her infectious and lovely smile. I pray for the continued peaceful repose of of her soul.

    Having recently returned from the interment ceremonies for my Dad, I can, although to a limited extent, relate with what you have experienced, even though the processes of these experiences are different and unique to each individual’s circumstances. But we must continue to take solace and reassurance from the fact that our loved ones who have passed on are in the Bosom of The Lord whom they loved, served and ultimately belong to. We are also confident that the Lord’s Promise regarding The Resurrection is not vain, and there shall be a grand reunion at the end of Time.

    The legacy of love, devotion, faith, commitment and service, will serve the purpose of rendering our cherished memories enduring and indeed indelible.

    May The Lord remain your Strength, your Song and your Salvation in Jesus Name. Please extend this message to your sister also (pardon me but her name slips my mind just this moment) who was in the choir at Victory Chapel Osogbo, as well as other members of your family.

    God bless you. Amen.

  13. Hello Bro,

    First, do accept my condolence on Mum’s departure and as Paul said in 2 Tim 2:11b “Mum as died with Jesus,
    Mum will also live with Jesus.”

    Secondly, I do know for certain that it’s never going to be the same again. However, I am sure Mum’s loving words will be from Matt 16:33b “Here on earth you will have trails and sorrows. But take heart Joel, because Jesus have OVERCOME the world for you and your siblings”.

    I must also commend you beautiful words Joel, mum loves them even more.

    Love you bro.

    Talk Soon
    – Kehinde

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