After School!! What next??…… RIP MAMA

Helloooooo.. So, who missed me??  First of all, I AM SOOOOO SORRY! (Looks like these days i begin all my posts with sorry sef) it wasnt my fault.. First it was project.. you know what happens when your mates are choosing to build normal systems and applications for thier project and because you want to be different, you go and work on Fraud Detection in Debit Careds using the Hidden Markov Model?..  Yea  thats right!! you become MISERAble!.. like “OJ, lets go for Kas’ birthday… Nah am kinda busy with my project bro…… ” kind of miserable! Trust me, i spent a really large part of my project time looking like this:

What the hell am i supposed to do next now ??

What the hell am i supposed to do next now ??

Anyway, thanks to Miss Dara Jayesimi, i got a breakthrough in that work just a day to my project defense! Imagine!! I was as scared as shii when i was defending .. like i have never ever been that scared in my life before….. It went well though and i came out with an A. CONFESSION!! I actually left school since early June but didnt write anything here cause i was sooooo sure i was going to fail a course in AUTOMATA!! I wonder how they teach stuff like that in school sef! Like for God’s sake!! i am supposed to understand how This works and even draw a mechnism for it sef… its that dumb!! :

Like For the sake of God!!  i am supposed to understand this crap and even draw a mechnism for it sef!! Yuck!

Like For the sake of God!! i am supposed to understand this crap and even draw a mechnism for it sef!! Yuck!

Trust me, final year course work really sucked!! but i scaled through anyway.. NO SUMMER for me!! Apart from my coursework, every other thing about final year was just lovely! the rally, the thanksgiving, the dinner.. those were real fun.. got nominated for most influencial student of the set.. of course i already knew the winner immidiatly i saw the list but then.. out of over 1000 graduating students, my name came out among the 5 nominnees for most influencial student of the set.. i think thats something.. and my department also awarded me with both a certificate of meritorous service as general secretary and also Mr Personality (like the guy with the best personality… like some sort of 1000 yards husband material kind of thing.. winks)  btw, i didnt tell ou i won the election!! I WON!! it was a verrrryyy ccrazy race tho.. ask anybody.. too much money went into the drain.. though I love you Lekan and you turned out to be a good leader, but i still remained loyal to team Positive and beleived in her idealogies .. 😀 .. Fast forward  to my final year week! now that was fun!! lemmie show some pictures..


My final year rally!! Hell yea.. we were more than this!!

Foyin and i funny

So Foyin [*who later became my bestie* ] and I performed a poem i wrote in front of over 5000 students! .. dont worry, they clapped for us

3 people

Now thats me in the middle! First time in my life i put on Agbada!!

Now i am through with school!! Have you read Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon?? That book is just Cray! I just started watching teen wolf too.. that movie too tho!! Practically ehn, i am not doing anything joo..

I was in Benin last weekend for my grandmaz burial ceremony .. First of all, it was cray on its own!! then i got to meet my cousins too .. YAY!! (not like i did a lot of talking or something but at least i met them).. Adams oshiomole tho.. Well, he came with his pretty wife but then .. i dunno shaa oo.. but.. well shaa.. his wife tho!! Cardinal Okojie, Arch Bishop Alaba Job, and almost all the Arch Bishops in Nigeria came to celebrate the funeral mass of my grandma… she must have been really powerful!! But i will miss her shaa.. I got to know my cousins!! Yea i did.. and they are all really good to look at too i must admit.. check dem picture out!!

Some of the Cousins!

Some of the Cousins!

There is one more pic that contains most of them but i dont have that… anyway, family is all that matters shaa..

now, i will be posting more often because apart from programming android, reading books and seeing teen wolf, i wouldnt be doing any thing else!! lol join me tomorrow.  Please subscribe by email and follow me on twitter @joeloseiga… sorry if there is any mistake in this post because i hate proof reading my work.

I love you all!


4 thoughts on “After School!! What next??…… RIP MAMA

  1. I like your work. Like you said we should look beyond the typos… No problems. I attest to the fact that final year could be something else as I was once in your shoes. Yes… I myself miss the final year drama. Kudos to Dara for putting you through, she’s a genius. Hope she gets to read this.
    By the way, you just showed us some cousins of yours, I’ll love to meet the lady standing beside the one with a headgear.. Let’s make that the icing on the cake of what I’ve picked from here *winks *
    Keep blogging. Enjoy the post University and pre NYSC period. Do all you can, while you can but by all means, STAY HEALTH.

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