About JoelOseiga’s Blog

You think you know how it feels to be Nigerian? Try being me!! lol.. Alright, So Welcome to my blog. Obviously my name is Joel Oseiga and I am a traveller; I love to Travel. I hope to travel all around the world in my life time, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Join me at ” Oseiga Travels” every Wednesday as I explore a new place (maybe city or country),culture or tradition.

Every Monday is “Critic Monday” where i get to pick up anything; a book, song anything from upcoming artists and even made ones and i critisise constructively and I award Stars out of 5 stars.

Every week, i have someone guest blogging on here. If you have something nice to write about, maybe your opinion, short story or somthing and you do write about it and you want it on my blog.. umm simply send it in form of an email to joelaleburu@gmail.com  . I will tell you when you will be published.

Finally “My Life is a Story” is where i write about my personal experiences and idealogies. Share and comment on these opinions and together, we can change the world.

(ff @joeloseiga)


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