On The Issue Of Environment And Orientation; Dear Nature, Where Have I Gone Wrong??

On The Issue Of Environment And Orientation; Dear Nature, Where Have I Gone Wrong??

Hi guys, I am so sure you missed me! I missed you too… trust me, it’s not that easy updating a blog.. especially when it isn’t tech, reviews, or news… You know , after school kinds of sucks …. not a little bit but really really sucks…. I have actually been jobless… as in totally .. I tried my hand on a couple of things already but have you ever had of “forced love”?.. yea right.. most times I just force the love and then lose interest. … I have loved almost one new thing per week now.. I tried learning Ruski (who would I speak it with sef.. lol) .. I even tried WATCHING FOOTBALL .. then I chose Arsenal!! Only for them to just break my heart on the second day of EPL…. mtcheeeew ….. Basically, it has just been one very annoying situation jare.. I soo cant wait for my NYSC..i think I love LAGOS and I really would love to serve there. .

Life is totally unfair I must say! Alright, I know that’s not a new axiom but really, life is totally unfair. I went for a friend’s grandma’s burial some time ago and it was like they were just throwing money everywhere. Two popular artists were around for a live performance, different kinds of food (types I have never tasted in my life and I didn’t bother) and different ‘big men’ from all categories of society class. Though the man’s source of income is totally legal because he owns one of Nigeria’s most popular businesses but then…! Last week Sunday, I was at the market. Its a usual tradition in our family to go to the market every Sunday after church and get foodstuff for the week and all.. … … This really haggard looking woman walked up to me with two babies with her and spoke in Yoruba there is really no point writing Yoruba on my blog but what she was saying was “ Please I do not have money to eat and buy food for my children” .. Well, scam or not, she obviously needed help ( trust me, there are many scammers in Osogbo o.. YE!! If you carry last lasan, you are on your own #Gbam!). Of course, I didn’t have much money on me but I gave her a small from the stipend that was on me and of course I gave her a Life Vanguard (an NGO on health and youth development) card to go see them. Now, money, comfort and good life was almost in excess for someone and another barely had money to feed her children. And the sad thing is I KNOW THEM BOTH.

Have you ever met someone and asked ‘What would you want to become in future?’ and the person replys with “I dunno” just go to a higher institution and become anything. It will shock you!  You know, this post is actually not directed to the rich and happy but to those who actually struggle and are about to give up on themselves. As much as I hate sounding like a motivational speaker because I am not, but I will tell you one thing I have kept in my head since I was a kid; AS FAR AS YOU CAN IMAGINE IT, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT. ANYTHING! … maybe you should go and read my post on class’ biggest dullard. So I was really touched and decided to go and look for some people who have really made it in life and started from nothing. When I asked for permission to write their stories, they both refused.. lol I was #pained. No offence to my brothers and sisters in Polytechnics and colleges of Education , in short thanks for reading my blog… but till tomorrow, I really don’t get why people go to those schools and then don’t bother following it up with a university degree! Can someone please tell them their certificate is kinda Useless especially in a country like Nigeria where even university graduates don’t have jobs. One dude will now finish from Poly or college and start saying “Me too I am a graduate, I graduated 5 years ago yet no job” .. hehehe Who will Employ you? Huh? If their degrees were so good and useful, how come only university graduates lecture in polytechnics and colleges of education. Dude! You haven’t even gone to school yet! Well you want the truth, if I own a company tomorrow, and 6 people apply for a job,2 from universities and the remaining 4 from those other schools, I obviously will pick the university graduates first, test their competence and if they fail, then I can now began to look into the other guys and that’s what actually happens every where.i am not being ‘racist’.. lol.. Seek a better life.. Strive harder.. GO TO SCHOOL!!

You Can

You Can

Anyway, to everyone what I learnt is this; no matter how much you don’t have, if you want a meaningful life for yourself, you can get one. Forget about your environment your perception of things is what matters. Always struggle to be a better person. Most things that waste your time are usually the unnecessary ones. Just struggle! The sweetest stories are those who start bitter.

Join me again tomorrow…. When I will write about a less motivational thing and a more humane thing.. have fun and follow @joeloseiga


2 thoughts on “On The Issue Of Environment And Orientation; Dear Nature, Where Have I Gone Wrong??

  1. you said : ” Forget about your environment your perception of things is what
    matters. ” . So if I find myself in a polytechnic environment , can’t my perception to achieving success still matter without ‘following it up to a university degree ‘ ? I think self-development is key rather than parading your self with decorated certificate from Universities . #myOpinionItIs

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