Good morning beautiful readers. I actually slept well yesterday night but had the weirdest of dreams though. Not some sought of nightmare or something.. but you know those dreams you just have….! that doesn’t have a beginning, middle or an end! Totally different storylines! Yeap… that kind. Anyway, I slept well and I really don’t know what happened but my old woman turned his morning’s devotion into some kind of prayer revival! Basically, it’s only the both of us that are at home.. soo.. She’s free I guess..” If the mum doesn’t pray for the family, who Will??” !! So “Bloodline” by Sidney Sheldon will be my 1572nd book in the land of the living!(Since I started counting)


I just bought a new shelf and now, I think I really want to read only hard copy books and stack them on my shelf..  you know when visitors stay at the house, they always use my room.. my room is some kind of Oseiga &Visitors room  so when a visitor comes he will be like .. “Dr Aleburu, your son must be really intelligent.. See all his books.. (in baritone voice) Brillient Boy!” (I hope they don’t then get to see my secondary school award of Best Stepper Male).. Dear reader, please, I beg you…. I really really really want you to comment on my blog posts (its actually weird to see about 800 views per day with only 3 or 2 comments anyway)..at least share your own opinions… at least today’s own!

Today is my younger sister’s birthday.. Happy Birthday Rhoda.. You know your big brother loves you :-* .. Rhoda is one awesome, wonderful playful and loving creature like that.. she my sweetheart.. Happy Birthday dear..

Happy Birthday Rhoda my Love

Happy Birthday Rhoda my Love

So today’s topic.. maybe we should take it one after the other… Bestfriends and lovers!! As a girl, how normal is it for you to have a lover and a male bestfriend??! A Male..!! Are you joking! Then the dude shouldn’t be jealous.. he shouldn’t take is as anything!! The female besties sef are still causing trouble in some people’s relationship.. I swear, I just don’t get.. “ hello Ose, please I won’t be around today, Bosun and I are going to the movies together” ; “ Ose, don’t worry I will be fine, I am at the party with Bosun” ; then on another day “Ose, Bosun and I are just going to hang out tonight.. you want to come along?” Really?? Chill, it’s not like my life is an example or something o.. I mean it doesn’t happen to me but then I just don’t get it! Isn’t the dude you think you love supposed to be your best friend?? Oya what happens when you marry? Will you continue to have one best friend outside and your husband inside? Chill sef, what happens to all our BBM contacts and social media peeps when we marry sef?? Especially the ladies!!…………. Personally, not only do I not believe in the whole male bestie ish.. I just plainly think it is wrong!   Tough I DON’T totally believe in this proverb but I think it happens in some cases though:

Having a female bestfriend is like having a chiken as a pet, you will eat it some day

Not like it happens all the time though … but!!

On the issue of feminism!!


.. Now for people like myself who still don’t understand the whole feminism movement (I actually have to quote the dictionary each time I want to write about it).. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of sexual equality! Really??? I was proof reading Foyin’s project (if you don’t know who Foyin is, check my last post) which was on intra-gender relations and she sounded more in the defense of feminism.. Well we really got to talk about it!! To the lay man, let me explain, a feminist is any female who supports the feminism movement. i.e that men and women should be equal in every area.. in my opinion, that is impossible!! There is a difference between ‘not being looked down on’ and ‘being equal’! A balance must be maintained… the world was designed that way by her architects..


if a lady sooo desires the responsibilities and lifestyle of a man, hello, this is 2015.. go and become a transgender ! by then, it will be a crime to treat you like or address you as a female.. in short, I could go to jail for it. I believe that females must not be looked down on in the society, in short, they MUST be respected but the equality thingy though!! I don’t think I buy it.. and these days, almost every lady out there claims to be a feminist sef.. Those are my opinions for today.. let me know what you think.

Sorry to all OAU students reading my blog, heard you guys are on strike again.. exhales deeply General Buhari!! People believed in you … and some still do!! 2018 is near oo!! Alright guys, save me the stress and subscribe to my blog, please share and if you want to guest blog, just send me an email at joelaleburu@gmail.com .. Sorry, I don’t proof read my work so over look whatever grammatical errors you find. follow me on twitter @joeloseiga and have a nice day!



5 thoughts on “On the Issues of BESTFRIENDS & LOVERS And FEMINISM

  1. I totally believe in dah proverb..there’s no how a girl wil have a guy as a bestie and nuffin will happen btwn dem…happy birthday to Rhoda btw…

  2. Guys…..Girls, male….female.(whatever!). Every creation was uniquely designed. We co-exist to complement one another. You can’t place more importance on any gender, just like you cant compare which part of your body you’ll rather have cut off (…if you actually think about it). Every element of creation plays a key role in sustaining a balance in our world. You just gotta understand the essence of each gender, and appreciate God’s beautiful work.

    @O.J so Bosun is the intruder abi??? : | . Ping me!! I get tactics for am.

    P.S- interesing piece btw

    • I thought it was only my friend, Femi and I who thought this way( Like Ojay). Thank God we are not alone. Besides 1572 books, really Ojay?

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