The Conundrum of Manhood, the Zip, The Girls and the Thread!

“My elders don’t let us argue much over this issue. Just as Mazi Ugochukwu has said, let the thread face the cut and let the zip face the wrath”
Chief Okonkwo exclaimed, almost hitting the tray littered with pieces of kolanuts, as he slammed the wooden table placed amidst the community elders sitted round at the center of Mr. Ugochukwu’s sitting room
“Nonsense! My people, the people of Umuaka! —

Mr. Eze stood up from his chair, paused a second and gazed at the corners of the sitting room where everybody is gathered, as if perplexed by the art works scattered over the wall; like he had never seen them before. Then he continued
— My people, why should we punish the innocent while the offender walks around freely on our portions. Is it the thread’s fault that our girls have lost their senses? Or the zip’s fault that our men have replaced their heads with their manhoods.
Even if the thread is nonchalant and the zip is naive, has our children lost their minds too?”
Before Mr. Eze could again unify his sit with his buttock, Mr. Ugochukwu flared up, staggered out of his chair and narrated
“But have you not seen the way the thread doesn’t hold firmly the cloths on the body of our girls and have you not noticed how the zip bursts open the moment the men’s eyes see the exposure? The thread is lazy and the zip is slothful. I insist that they both face the cut”
“I disagree with you, Ugochukwu. My fellow elders, it is not the thread’s fault that our girls have decided to walk around naked. Neither is it the zip’s job to stop blood from rushing from our men’s head to their manhood when their eyes meet with the sight of uncovered bosoms and exposed buttocks”
Mr. Ugoorji, the youngest of the men sitted rose to his feet, staring round the room and almost pointing at each person standing in the room with his eyes; picked up his cup of palm wine, took a gulp and continued
“My people, everyone has spoken well. But let us caution our daughters to stop putting the thread to shame and our sons to stop blaming the zip.
A boy that cannot control his Manhood is not fit to grow into Adulthood
And a girl that doesn’t know how to cover her body shouldn’t have left her mother’s womb”

Alright guys, so today Oladipupo was our guest bloger from . I hope you did enjoy it.


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