THE FINAL LAP : Making Peace With All Men

“Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.”
– Heb 12:14

I’m finally rounding off my time at the University and sincerely speaking, I consider myself more anxious than excited. Big questions like “What next?” pops up every now and then. Is it too strange not to be interested in a master’s degree? Must I go for one? The truth is that I am still yet to see any point in going for one but then I wouldn’t rule that out just yet, I would still be on the lookout; maybe I just might come across one. I know it sounds somehow studying computer Science for four years with a good GP and then wanting to cook for a living. Yeap! I want to become a chef and I would choose an opportunity to learn how to cook in Italy over a master’s degree anywhere in the world.

Of recent, though I have no right to be, I just cannot but admit that has been a blessing to me and I suggest you check it out sometime. It’s my final semester; the final lap. I have been reading my bible even more of recent too and I have been retracing my steps with people. Truth be told, there are some people who you just know you can’t relate with anymore. Some (maybe even family) who you just outgrow and learn to live without, some who you discover you are at two different points in your life an you just have to walk, some who you wish you had a better relationship with. I do have all those people in my life too you know.
When I was in 200 level, I wrote a piece in my column on Aspire Magazine about how I intended to make so many friends on campus and be happy and lively etc. Well, make friends? Yes I did. So many? Nah! Though this may sound really wrong, I guess am just getting to know my personality; A Semi-Introvert. Now going back to the subject of discuss, I have come to the conclusion that things don’t actually happen the way we imagine them. Sometimes, we really don’t want ‘shit’ to happen but it just comes dancing along and picks you as a partner. By June, I would have been through with my university education and I really wouldn’t like to leave school without keeping it straight with every single person I have ever had issues with. Both those whose fault it was and those strings I pulled with my own hands. Well I started already and I even have a sticky note on my laptop to act as a checklist.


Some actually have been reasonable while some of course acted how they are by default. Let me share one of those ‘peace making chats’ with you guys;

This was a lady who not only insulted me but practically embarrassed me with her question on the day of my manifesto presentation. Now, my point is it is very pointless to keep shit in mind for a long time. To the lady I called “Crazy” in my last post, I am very sorry. You know, she did sit directly in front of me the next day for a test and then when I didn’t have anything to write again, I looked up and that was when I actually saw how beautiful a creature she is. I am sorry. I did write a post of apology and ‘high praises’ titled “when life gives you lemons” but then I didn’t bother posting it any longer since I had already settled it in real life moreover, it just even seemed wrong sef considering the fact that I have a girlfriend….. [Did I tell you that?? Ooh.. she’s soo cute 😉 ] anyway am sorry.

I think tendering an apology for your wrong actions and making peace for even another person’s wrong action towards you isn’t only the right thing but also an honorable thing to do. Though i know some people will just not get it no matter how i try to explain.  I really hope I would have gone through the whole list before I graduate. You should do the same thing to. After all, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, just as I quoted at the beginning of this post, you will go to hell if you are not at peace with all men and I really don’t want to smell that place. Try to take action.
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One thought on “THE FINAL LAP : Making Peace With All Men

  1. nice one bro. but u still have to apologise to me too thou…lol, just kidding anyway, we are best of friends…googluck boss

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