So, I just finished my exams yesterday! YAY!! I am so excited. Now, I have just six courses left before finally becoming a graduate. School has been a lot of fun for me this year….. Well, thanks to my exams and crazy courses like Computer Graphics, I haven’t been able to wish everyone here a happy new year. So, welcome to 2015! 2014 was wonderful, I sure was a better me. How was cross over? Mine was quite an event because I didn’t attend my local church … I attended a Baptist church in my area. Lol.. It was a typical Yoruba church with so many old mamas around (note: there is a difference between “old women” and “old mamas”.. like the “mama” in Yoruba pronunciation..) dancing to seriously concentrated Yoruba songs… between 11:45 and 12:00, the pastor asked everybody to be free styling praises to The whole church started singing really loud different types, genre, kinds, etc. of songs.. the noise was so much I developed a headache …thirty minutes later when the church was over, I didn’t even wait for the grace before I spoke to my legs. 2014 was a good year for me, I attended quite a lot of events, had an internship, got nominated for quite a number of awards, became a Sunday school teacher, bought a brand new bad –ass laptop , met quite a lot of people, won an election leading by a land slide (like 165-55) , drew out the blueprints for my show, my elder sister graduated and my younger sister and baby Rhoda gained admission into The Obafemi Awolowo University, got a job for after school (sought of shaa).. it was really fulfilling.. But let me take a look at the New Year resolutions I made last year:

2014 resolution

  1. Smile more often and be nicer: I grade myself an A! Let’s get something straight, the fact that I refuse to say or do anything when you mess with me isn’t because I am a “bolo”.. or because I don’t have a choice o.. ok, let me leave that one just there. Well, I think I really did this one; in short, I got nominated for Scream Awards’ Mr Personality and got the name “Smiley” for myself. I even wrote something on how to be a gentleman sef .. You should check it out sometime 😀 ( ). Even I know I have become  way nicer. lol..happy
  2. Stop burying myself in books and meet more people: I think I deserve an A!. Unlike in 2013(my 200 level) when I spent about 8-10 hours of my day reading every day, this time I almost packed up my books sef and now for the first time in my life, I am literarily praying to God to let me pass a course; Computer Graphics because I don’t think I got anything in that exam sef. I read only five novels altogether (the least I have in a long time) but the number of people I met in oau alone sef, I can’t even remember talk less of the number of those I met altogether. I think meeting people helps add a new kind of spice to life. I feel the best people i met last year are Kitan, Baba Folajimi, Ore Ajewole, Kenny Philips and my sweet heart Lolade.. Funny enough, I met all these people and many others back in oau and ..(lol.. gist for another day).. but to be sincere, though I really love the new life, I miss my books!
  3. Spend money reasonably: Yea right. I give myself an F! I wonder why I have issues with money.. as in it’s not like I have it like that o.. I don’t even have it at all sef but the few times I get to have money like this ehn, expenses will just rise from nowhere like they have been patiently waiting for me.. and mind you, I am not even married yet o. I think I am also facing one of today’s youths’ biggest problems; how to save and spend money wisely. I hope to work on that one this year shaa.. No unnecessary purchases..
  4. Write more Often: lmao :D… I think you should grade that one yourself …
  5. Care less about people’s Opinion: I think 2014 was the year I had the highest number of opinions about me. You know it’s one thing to actually have people think stuff about you; it’s another thing to have them tell it to your face. You know some people just choose to be ass holes sometimes … someone can just come and tell you “OJ stop shining your teeth joo, shey you don’t know it’s broken ni” ….one even said “your face looks like Sponge” lmao.. I think that thinkwas the dumbest thing I had throughout last year. Funny enough, I didn’t even take offence at it, all I did was to laugh and say “baby, it’s your child’s face that will look like sponge” and I laughed it off.. well I didn’t even take offence sef. I think I had a B shaa because I met this woman like that.. she was talking to me normally until she heard I was from Edo state and she was like ” o, I didn’t even know you are not Yoruba” .. The way she said it though.. and the look on her face combined, I felt like SHIT!!.. but still shaa, I really don’t care about people’s opinion any more. This is a resolution I carried into this year but this time, for those who I keep greeting and they make it look as if am struggling to famz and say hello, I will just stop.
  6. Just be Joel Oseiga: Well, I give myself an A+ in that one .. some sought of 120/100. I didn’t paint myself in another way different from the normal me.. Moreover, I wouldn’t even want to be featured on sef so I just try to keep my head really low. Apart from the fact that I cut my coat according to the size of the material I have, this year, I have decided not to even bother wishing for things I obviously cannot get because it saves me a lot of stress.coat
  7. Dump the Catholic Church: With all the beef towards the catholic church that I left my school with, I think I will grade myself a D. thanks to the likes of my sweetheart and homey Bamgbala Oluwapelumi, I still attended the Holy Mass once in a while back in oau. I think it’s really baseless and pointless hating the catholic church because some wicked and unjust people had authority in the catholic school I attended years ago and I fell victim…lol… I even heard the vice principal now has a Ph.d.. and is still the vice principal shaa.. I still remember the punch on my mouth though and how my house master took sides with the gateman against me. It’s still fresh though but I think its high time I dropped it and let things go.

Well I did make resolutions this year again and just like last year, I wrote them on sticky notes and left them on the desktop of my computer so I can always see them and remember. I hope I have more discipline and better luck this time. For this year though, I just want to be a better me, be nicer and laugh through all my worries “being made of black” 😀 I think you should too.        Remember serving God isnt so hard, its a “No Religion, No Tradition, No Mechanical Christianity, but Faith in Christ Jesus” mentality. Keep reading JoelOseiga’s blog.Peace! 😀

2015(ff @joeloseiga)



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