Who missed me?? I am very sorry… well you know, I actually did expect my final year to be hard, I didn’t expect THIS!! Because “THIS” is just really STUPID!! Lol… I haven’t even had enough time to myself in a while ( I hope I have been bathing properly sef ..lol ).. Trust me school has really never been this crazy.. I probably look like this now:

school is crazy

Apart from my academics though, looks like people are really getting nicer around here,{covers face me inclusive} trust me.. just that the single thought of being through with the university by July is really “Deep” .. Jeez!! Am I even for real? I will be finishing in July!! Lmao.. its just like yesterday when I graduated from secondary school putting on my blue guinea native attire (the only one I had for a couple of years..lol).. I even remember very clearly..lmao “Memories of high School” … That one is story joo, am sure I would have to come back to that one later… but right now,, No not now!….lol

wonderful christms

There is love in the Air!! Chill before I continue maybe am the only one o.. or maybe because I am in school, chill am I the only one not feeling the vibe of this year’s Christmas unlike 2, 3, 4, 5, no joo, 10 years ago? Or do we just outgrow it? Lol.. well there is so much love everywhere.. I don’t care if I am not catching any vibe or not, me my one Christmas will not be boring this year! JESUS! I have had enough boring Christmas days, it’s like the last time I enjoyed Christmas was about 10 years ago! See ehn whatever it takes, I don’t care.. Fasting and prayer, Fire, etc..even if it means me starting a vibe myself when there is no vibe.. lol.. you know I can do it. That reminds me, so on December 1st, I was on a shuttle in school and then it donned on me that “FOR GOD’S SAKE, IT’S THE LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR” , well, I just wanted to do something really crazy so I started tapping everybody , shining my full set of teeth (obviously the two broken ones in front were the most obvious) and saying “Happy new Month” .. lol of course it’s mutual knowledge that there are always different kind of people on a bus but I didn’t care about their responses much .. some answered well and some actually still decided to prove they haven’t stopped being ass-holes.. Chill, I smiled at one of my classmates and she really smiled well and shined her teeth really well.. that was really funny and unexpected because for God’s sake, WE DON’T TALK!.. we have probably NEVER TALKED.. lol.. but well sha that still didn’t stop her from passing by me the next day without walking past me like “I exist”..lol .. trust me, I am not the only crazy person in the world….. back to Christmas, me I know i must have fun I must o.. and of course, I will keep you posted (so you can imagine mine and be happy just like that ) .
So the big question, “What do I want for Christmas?” .. that question is really big though! The truth is I want $100,000,000,000….God knows that is exactly what I want.. lol.. well obviously (Except by faith) I cant have that YET but till then, I can still make do with some others:
1. My two front teeth: Itz really painful my two front teeth are broken! I lost them “carefully” in my jss2.. don’t think too far, it was not my fault! Will probably gist you later… but God knos I really need my full teeth back.. and for the records, this is not my teeth o!! lol mayb this person even needs the wish more


2. $1,000,000 for Christmas day : WELL, obviously this is impossible, but that’s the exact amount I need to be verrrryyyyyyyyyyyy happy on christmas day..lol.. mybe if I win a lottery or something..

3. This kind of christmas card because if I don’t, I will do the sending..lol.. But chill, just imagine receiving this kind of thing on christmas day.. lool.

stupid card

4. Awero: Now this is my most important need. But only ** and I understand..lol
I hope my Christmas is fun this year anyway, and I hope yours is too.. let me know the things you wish you have for christmas.. May God bless our Pots and Pockets.. and I really cant wait to eat christmas chiken.. has anybody noticed “christmas chiken” actually tastes different from “ normal chiken”? lol.. alright just have fun and keep the comments pouring in.

wonder(ff @joeloseiga)


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