Hello everybody, yeah it’s been a while now … don’t blame me really..  school has been really crazy for  me…. as in when I mean crazy I mean like really really crazy…. hope I don’t even start talking to myself in public soon sef…lol. .. YAY!

It’s my Final year in the University!! I am so excited :D… you know, thanks to OAU, I have been finding it really hard to adjust to school life over here.. with all the restrictions and all…it’s been really hard and annoying..for God sake I just had 6 months of TOTAL FREEDOM.. Chai!!  A very big thanks to all those who sent me text messages and e-mails on my birthday.. wow! I love you guys too… you all made me feel so happy.. I really appreciate it.  Well, I actually did join the Sunday School Unit of the school and now I take a group of 100 level ladies.. I love my class soo much.. they are a bunch of very beautiful and awesome people..You know it’s really funny how at some point in your life you just begin to love things you never ever imagined.. I suddenly started to listen to Classic music and Yanni has been the center of attraction…


Jeez! He is so awesome.. lol.. you should listen to him sometime you know, he really will make you happy.. oo speaking about happiness, lol.. I have made up my mind that since this is my last session on campus, I am not going to let anything whatsoever or anyone get at me.. no matter what happens, I am still going to remain very happy with a smile on my face every single day and time..


Well, since I came back to school, I have made quite a number of new friends ant trust me, I will still make more……. but I still can’t refuse to admit that since I came back many of us have really changed.. and that’s what I will be talking about today.. lol..  right now I can classify us all into 3 different categories.. oya lets go.. :

  1. Those who act like they just became the CEO of Google: Mehn! This group of people just keep amazing me every day.. they act as if they don’t shit.. like when they shit once in like 3 months, they shit chocolate bars that scent like Pink Friday                                                                                                              chocolate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ..sorry about the whole shit talk… lol.. they are just annoying ni… they must have worked during the break and earned some sought of 3m per month o.. they act like they are some sought of God’s gift to humanity. Like without them the world would just go out of existence.. they just really annoy.. they walk like they are going to fly any minute.. well this group of people are just a pain in the ass jare.. and the sad thing is most of their cgpa cant flash mtn to mtn..they are just Proud, arrogant, pompous and unserious.. but talking about cgpa, these days does that thing even matter again well this category of people really annoy and really I doubt their ability to go really far but shaa… Its none of my business: D
  2. Those who we aren’t even certain about what happened to them : Alright so these ones suddenly came back this semester and then everybody automatically became their friends.. Like they were the occupants of my no1 before but now, everybody is a good am not making jest or something o and in short if I am to be classified under any of these my groups, I would fall under this one.. lol.. don’t be deceived, some of them actually have noble reasons for becoming more friendly probably because it’s their final year and all but others just probably need      they have considered their lives and probably discovered through their strong imaginative power how clueless they are about life after its our final year remember.. they have finally began to think……. and discovered the maybach they have been putting us in for the past 3 years have reached a final car park(sings in Yoruba: “Eri bus stop owa owa, somikale mi o lo mo)   ..lmao they have started forgetting all their lies so its high time they started being friendly ..lmao anyway these people though.. But its none of my business shaa
  3. The group that was neither promoted or demoted: These are the really funny set of people.. the same way they were 10 months ago is still the way they still are… no visible change in their lives they probably are still number 1s or they are still very happy with everyone.. I salute this group of people shaa… they are real goons

Anyway, school has been fun so far and my department is having her election on Friday 17th October and I am going for the post of General Secretary. I hope I win shaa.. and before I forget, I think I have the best set of roommates in the world.. and they are amazing in their different Anyway, please remember to always be happy and please help someone this week. Please feel free to post your comments and likes.. follow me on twitter @joeloseiga and like my page ..Remember serving God is not hard, it’s a No Religion, No Tradition, No Mechanical Christianity but Faith in Christ Jesus.. lol have fun! And hope I have a nice semester… 😀


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