Ok dear readers, you know, unlike what I had imagined a long time ago before my IT began, I really hardly have anytime for myself. I go to work at around 7 am and return home very tired anytime between 6pm and 9pm and of course, you know the next thing is to fall on the bed and sleep .. So, I am really sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long time… Lol, well, IT has been fun ish I have met quite a number of people and it has really exposed me to another part of life.. really.. Today, I will talk briefly about a few of my IT experiences at The Obafemi Awolowo University but before I continue, guess what? I have grown taller by 0.5 inches and bigger too lol.. check my picture, and one more thing; I LOVE YOU BIMBO.. Maybe love doesn’t suck anyway 😀


                                                                                LIFE AS AN INTERN
The funny thing is I remember having a brief discussion with Keji sometime last semester and I sounded so excited that I was going to have my IT somewhere away from home and I was going to be staying alone for the first time in my life and I remember how she looked at me and promised me it wasn’t going to be a very funny experience .. lol, sorry keji, the experience has actually been funny but not in the very comfortable way I thought though.. Ok let’s check out some of my experiences..
1) I Thought I could Cook
Before my IT, I used to tell most of my female friends who had a reason to ask “Oj, can you cook?” that “see ehn, If I cook for you, you will just marry me” Marry ko!! Actually, my IT opened my eyes to the fact that if I did cook for you then, you might probably not even talk to me again ..I couldn’t cook at all!! It then occurred to me that I had really never cooked all on my own before; my younger sister Rhoda was always there to tell me when to put which ingredients and in what quantity.. Well, the first meal I cooked was a disaster and unfortunately, it was beans. First I put salt when I was boiling it and I added ororo (vegetable oil) instead of palm oil. Then I didn’t put onions and I put plenty of pepper (I thought it was the pepper that gives it that really brownish red color) . lol when the thing wasn’t looking like beans I had to call my sister.. After she laughed at me for the first 3 minutes of my call she even decided to play with my head.. She asked me to add more pepper, add palm oil with garlic and onions (trust me, I had every single ingredient you can think of) well I did and funny enough, my beans was now looking like real beans.. wow! I was so happy …..UNTIL I tasted it!! The beans was soo peppery and it dint even taste like beans sef, it tasted more of beans-ish.

For the next few days that peppery taste still stayed in my mouth because it was as if I ate raw pepper.. Well, thanks to google and my sister, the next meals I cooked for about two months were directly under their supervision and now, I can actually say boldly “Lady, if I cook for you, you will just marry me”.

2) The Archi bon fire
I remember Kunle telling me so much about the Department of Architecture’s Bon Fire night and “party”. Well, since I am from a private school and we don’t do any of such, I was very eager to attend and see what exactly it looked like. Well, I got dressed (without the shades though) and went with my friends to the very popular “Archi bon fire” that Friday night.

To my disappointment, the party turned out to be some sought of “sausage fest”… the ratio of boys present to girls were like 15:1. I was immediately turned off.. but what could I do, I was already there. The situation was so bad that you could find like 7 or 8 boys struggling to dance with one girl. You will hear them saying “ how far baba abeg make me sef enter small” in short some won’t even ask sef , they will just choke their leg and then hand and before you know it, GBOM!! You have been chanced.. lol ..It was as bad as that but the good thing was that I didn’t go alone. Although all my other friends were busy drinking and getting high, I just sat down talking and talking with of of the niccur’s girlfriend and other times when she felt like dancing, I just fed my eyes with the whole funny incidence. Well, around 3am, t he party died down and I didn’t even see any of my friends again and their phones were off so, I just walked into the Pitt theatre and sat there with my head in between my laps till 6 am.
So, Bamgbala Pelumi sent me this link last year for the Refinery I applied but I wasn’t invited for reasons best known to them but I subscribed for their newsletter. Well, this year, when applications were open for the summer refinery, I applied and I was invited for an interview. The whole process was funny because on the Thursday night I received the e-mail, I was busy laughing and enjoying myself.
Well, I had to go to Lagos on my own and that was the first time I went to Lagos. Lol.. the interview was fine except for the fact that I couldn’t speak French well and I hadn’t even heard of an Anagram or a Panagram before talkless of how to program it.. lol.. well, after I thought I failed the interview and my head was busy pounding because I ate anly bread that Saturday morning and I traveled from osogbo anly to spend about 3 hours in a place called Ibafo because of the hold up. When I alighted the bus, I hired a cab to take me into Unilag and I got dressed for the interview inside the cab.. lol.. well, I was very happy when I received an e-mail on Monday inviting me to be a part of the refinery 2014. I really look forward to meeting other great young and intelligent minds from all around Nigeria.



4) The New Rain Campaign

In my opinion, that is still the best experience I have had in OAU.. Ok, you all remember Kunle now, (the guy I told you asked me to write Maths in Jamb in Class’ Biggest Dullard) well since most of his friends had to become my frends automatically, I met New Rain. I remember the day New Rain came into the room and broke the news that he wanted to contest for the Student Union social Director. Funny enough, all the boys really supported him and of cause we were the major part of #teamNewRain.
That was the first time in my life when I was actively involved in a campaign and we visited ALL the rooms in OAU. I learnt one very big lesson during the campaign; your choice of words are really important. You don’t just pour out the first thing that enters your head when you are asked a question for example, there was a day in Moremi Hall, write outside there, the whole hostel was very silent and we were in front with a Public address System addressing the hostel when towards the end a girl screamed from inside the hostel and said “New Rain!! I heard you are a yahoo boy, is it true??” At that moment, I learnt as a leader, no matter how reasonable your cabinet is, since they have different ideologies, they cannot all agree on the same point. The ball is in your court to make the final decision. Immediately after the questions, we were about 10 intelligent people altogether on that day(because all of those in team new rain were actually very smart and intelligent pople and I respect him for that) and I heard some say “new rain, no answer am” while others said “new rain, you have to answer her”..
Well He answered her and gave her a really good answer stating clearly the source of every kobo he has been spending on his campaign, in short, I can say boldly that that was one of the reasons most people in Moremi Hall voted for us. One girl also asked if New rain would bring Sean so many other instances like that the strangest part was my introduction to night life when I started getting home aroung after 12 and past 1.
Lol.. it was on one of those occasions that I passed a night at Awo Hall. That night, we just finished a very late publicity campaign at the sports covered pavilion and we were very tired and couldn’t go out of the campus again. After my experience at Archi bon fire, I just asked one dude (I have never met before) if I could pass a night with him in his room. Funny how he said sure, no problem. When we got to Awo Hall, I was very pressed like……. I really needed to use the toilet (not to urinate o, the other one winks lol..) and something happened immediately I got to the toilet; just at the site of that toilet, I didn’t feel the pressure again till I got to my room.. I hope you can relate.. lol.. When the guy asked if I was ready to sleep, I told him yes ten he brought out shoes bed that people use in hostels and put it on the floor with a bed sheet. Just as I said thank you very much, he jumped on it and shifted ( we were going to share one tiny bed!!!!).. lol, I hid all my stuff under the bed and by 6 am , I was out! Lol.. Anyway, in all, it was a nice experience.. At the end of it all, it was worth all the stress afterall because New Rain won.
I didn’t want to attend God’s love Tabernacle (GLT) because I had already listened to so many sermons by pastor Segun Obaje so I refused to join my friends in going to his church. I wanted to explore. I wanted to see new things, the way things are done in other places. I wanted to see Oginni Fola but unfortunately, she was always busy either reading or going to church so the best place I knew I could catch her was in church. I went to CASSOR (where she happens to be an active member of the choir). Lol.. Though I enjoyed service but please!! I couldn’t stay there and I really don’t know why. Well, I went to one fellowship(I won’t say the name) and the first Sunday I got there, when they asked new comers to stand up, immediately I stood up, the clapping and screaming was deafening.. Oh and the next thing that happened was so The pastor in front said.. .” Sisters around him please give him a peck of Love and the brothers, please give him a hug of love” lol.. It was really funny because unfortunately for me, I was sitting with so many ladies around … lol.. After the service, they gave me a plate of rice and chicken with lacasera. Lol.. It was funny and interesting especially when I told them “My name is Ose and I am a student of Bowen University, I am intern here”.. They screamed so loud that I thought I had spoken some sought of Chris Okigbo’s poetry.
Anyway, I finally settled in Living Word Christian Fellowship after I heard Ore Ajewole say thank you to Living word after her talk show and it’s been a very nice experience being in God’s prescence since then. ..

Well, really IT has been a lot of fun. I have met a lot of great people Ore Ajewole, Ola(Uncle toonz), Ife Johnson, Omolajipe (Mango) , Hazim and the most interesting of them has been OlaMide (baba folajimi) whose intellect you are never bored around. I have also met people from other schools and at the end of the day, I can say Thank God I am a Bowenite after all…
and for all other 300 level CIT students, I really miss you all and I can’t wait to see you again in good health. If you are also an intern, you can also give a brief summary of your experience in the comment box… you can Like, Share and most importantly comment (I actually appreciate your comments) .. Always, remember that I love you my dear readers and serving God isn’t something hard at all. NO RELIGION, NO TRADITION, NO MECHANICAL CHRISTIANITY BUT FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS.
Enjoy your weekend 😀

(ff @joeloseiga)



29 thoughts on “LIFE AS AN INTERN

  1. Haha. I had a good read. Its good you enjoyed yourself. The memories will do you a lot of good tomorrow. Btw, do you mean Living Word Ministries cuz that’s the church I attend.

  2. Nyc post bro….Internship made me realise that girls r really d salt ov evry establishment….my office is crazily tasteless!!!!

  3. fun to read,..congrats on the refinery thing,… m sure Mrs salami would b really proud,…also iya Finn,…
    cool stuff bro..God is love

  4. fun to read,..congrats on the refinery thing,… m sure Mrs salami would b really proud,…also iya Finn,…
    cool stuff bro. u made me feel I experienced the whole thing.

  5. my nigga u d best,wen a door is closed on someone d main problem we have is dat we keep worrying about dat closed door while anoda better and more interesting one is being open for xo proud of my nigga joel oseiga u d best.inbox me ur number i misplaced my fone.i love u dude.

  6. Ose boo!!!! This is really good.I envy you already…….ish lol.*just kidding* congratulations on your talentmine offer.Ese has to read this,she’ll be proud. My IT is just…….I don’t know.same old same old,no adventure,normal routine stuff but all in all its a good place. Keep it up Joe. Jesus rocks people!BEEZ!

  7. Menh I love ur experience….sure I no new rain… owz d IT going 4 now …DAT dey av sent most of us home?

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