Lmao… hahahaha… Sorry Moyo but this is funny..and i just had to laugh..
So, today is Moyo’s birthday and i decided to go through her blog. She has reallyawesome posts but i couldn’t hold my laughter when i saw this one… check it Out… and oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJEIGBE MOYO



It was a cold Saturday morning and the micro organisms that clung to the walls of my intestine, due to hunger, made me wake up a bit earlier than usual. Unlike every other Saturday when I just lay in bed lazily all day, I had to get a little bit of courage and leave my ever warm and comforting bed. My roommate was also very hungry but of course, her bed won’t give her a break. So I went all alone to the school cafeteria looking like I just got out of the wilderness after 35 years of struggle.

I bought the food ticket and I was about to buy the food when my phone rang. I was going to pick up and tell whoever it was to call me back but the tone of the voice left me curious. It was an old man’s…

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