Running on Sober: THE VALENTINE SAGA




Hello dear, how are you? I am fine thank you  J . Please, save me a lot of wahala by subscribing by e-mail to this blog I hope you did enjoy the previous post of my character series about My two weeks as a sales boy .. lol.. Well I have bad news: I bagged an extra two weeks for myself but this time IT IS BY FORCE!!!! And now I really can’t wait to start my Industrial Training!!! So, I have decided to start another series on my blog.. Wait! Don’t feel bad just yet.. My character series haven’t ended so, I am going to be taking the two concurrently  😀 . The new series which I call “Running on sober” will  be on issues I want to rant about …Those issues might actually be critical ones and might also be junk other times   :D.. but I bet, you will always love it …..  It’s going to be fun I guess.. And that gif image up there will be the series’ theme image (photo credit goes to @G2PGRAPHIX).. ooo and you remember that girl I told you I didn’t want to see me? She JUST CAME HOME FOR ONE WEEK thanks to NUGA games *sobs* …! Lol… oya  enjoy today’s post.


So, its valentine season again. February 14 actually has this funny way of messing with the head of the guys. It’s not their fault now..  It’s because most times they are the ones that get to be more concerned about what kind of gift(s) to give the girl especially those still in school. The most annoying thing is that while the guy is busy saving his hard earned packet money (trust me when I say hard earned)  to buy things like an ipad, a very expensive jewelry, some sought of trip to the  “Disney land”, one romantic dinner at a Chinese restaurant, most girls actually feel comfortable just buying the guys stuff like boxers and belts . #NotFair!



That reminds me of the last exchange of gifts I ever had.  It wasn’t valentine though but it was all about sharing love too. So, the unit I am on campus actually organized a love was towards the end of the semester (oh and you know what happens to most guys towards the end of the semester; THEY GET BROKE!!) and I had only #2500 in my account from which #1500 was only spendable because my transport fare back home was #500 and I couldn’t leave less than #500 in my account. School was supposed to vacate on Thursday and this love feast was on Sunday; the first day of that week. Well, I picked the name of this babe like that and I was so angry! Because whatever I gave her really mattered. To cut my short and sad story shorter, I bought her a whole pack of scuzzy for #1200 out of my #1500 since there was almost no other reasonable thing left in school again and of course, it was a Love “feast” so, scuzzy could do. When I got to the meeting on Sunday, I gave her the well wrapped gift (oh my God, you need to have seen the wrapping paper sef.. it was soo fine) and she smiled and said thank you. Well, the thank you was just in time to receive my own gift.  I watched as she scrambled this small black nylon  out of her bag (well, at that point, I had to quickly convince myself that the smallest gifts were usually the best) and to my greastest surprise, I saw one #250 cufflinks that I had priced at the shopping complex at the beginning of the semester. I felt like this :


Oh yeah!! I swear that’s how I felt. The most painful part was that I had just #300 left… well I felt soo bad..

Almost the same thing happens during valentine. Little wonder why some broke guys try their very best to breakup before valentine day.. Guys actually have very dumb ways of breaking up`.. some will have legitimate reasons while  some will just do stuff like  this:


Lol.. But can you really blame them??  They shaa broke up anyway.. lol…,

But come to think of it, why would you even expect him to buy you one kind of very expensive gift sef? Shey you don’t collect pocket money ni? Well, back then, in my own house oo, if you bring one mumu gift that one boy bought for you “ON VALENTINE’S DAY” (not even your birthday oo, VALENTINE’S DAY!!!) into the house shaa don’t let them mumsy see it if not ehn, you will hear a lot of ;


And I am actually of the opinion that that’s how it is in most African homes are shaa but you know now, all of us will kukuma be forming outside naa ni..

Any way shaa, buy ONLY what you can afford oo and remember, its not just about the day! It’s about what it truly represents. I love you 😀


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