Really!! Please save me a lot of wahala by subscribing to this blog by e-mail… you will see it either at the side of your screen or at the bottom. How have you been? Well, I have been fine thank you :D… Awwwww, I missed you too.. I had exams that’s why and well, they were fine.. lol, hope you remember how stupidity saved my life back then? 🙂

And so when I got home two weeks ago and heard that my Industrial Training will start in march, I felt so bad  and was left at wonder with what I would be doing till then since I was going to be  alone at home with my old man and his wife. Just as I was about to give in to the natural law of days passing by where you end up doing nothing , the urge to do something really unusual started to arouse in me and just at the climax,  the idea came in #GBAM!!



Lmao… let’s get something straight.. I went to become a sales boy just because I dint have anything to do….good!.. yeah right.. [ok  and maybe  for my character series too 😉 ]   . Well I set out to meet my mum …. When I told her I wanted to be the sales boy of her shop for 2 weeks, I actually thought she was going to totally kick against it but to my greatest surprise, :O   She was like; “Yes!! That is what you should have been doing since all this days.. helping your mother!! Now you have proved to be a highly responsible young man..  “ :O    lmao… ok, for the first time in my life, she called me ‘man’ .. it felt really sweet coming from my mum and well, in no time, this Joel Oseiga:

  Image had become this Joel Oseiga:    Image

Really, being a sales boy under my mum though was a lot of fun sucked still.  I wonder how those selling for other people do feel. Being a sales boy is practically being a house-boy in your oga’s shop ; they call you from wherever you are no matter how far to bring them something that is VERY close to where they are :O


   as if that’s all, the truth is you only get to be treated special for the first 3 days. After that :   Image…. Yeah right.. That’s it.. “Put it on my head” and trust me, Edo parents could be so dramatic a times.. When you do any small thing wrong, you hear: “young man!! Why dint you allow me to take a normal sales boy.. What’s all these rubbish you are doing now? gbo?” that ‘gbo’ is actually Igbo!! lol…  Well, I actually got to relate with customers too .. Oh, that reminds me… some people in this world can be so annoying!! Ye!! Some will just open their big mouths and price rubbish as if it’s not money we used to buy the goods!! Rubbish! I called lacasera #920 you said it is #`880 you want to pay.. .. Come and steal it naa!!..

Every part of being a sales boy was fun.. Ok, maybe except the part where I had to be dodging my school mates… OMG!! Who knows how many Bowen girls have seen me carrying lacasera to the middle of the road now :o! But shaa… it’s not like it really counts joo.. abi?? Nah.. it doesn’t joo.. d only person i really wouldnt have loved to be seen by is currently in Ife and has plenty of “big books” to read [lol.. am sure she wouldnt be coming home anytym soon too 😉 …lol…] But the best part was that I got to eat out every day *dancing*.. lol that was  fun .. Different types of ijekuje….did someone just think I got paid?? LMAO… the day I asked mum for salary, she said “Ose!! Can’t you help your mother again??ehn? shey you pay for all the food you have been eating in this house? Or you pay for that car you drive? Or you pay for that room you sleep in? ehn?.. In short wait sef, what do you pay for in this house??” lol.. At that point, my head whispered to my legs ooo before they put someone on permanent row in that shop…. but one thing my curiousity thought me is :


…. Lol.. well shaa being a sales boy was fun trust me .. you should try it sometime 😉

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16 thoughts on “MY TWO WEEKS AS A SALES BOY

  1. Hmm dt was really interestin and Nice! Kip it up bro! ℓ̊ enjoyed it! ℓ̊ wanna give u an Offer mayb when ur done wit mum’s shop! ℓ̊ ll like to hire u into one of my Shops! They sell Electrical parts, ℓ̊ dnt wanna put u in my wine shop u ll drink till ur drunk! So take it into consideration o, big money o! Jxt for 2years den return to skul! tah dah!

  2. Lol…na so I dey hustle too sha..but u lucky to be a sales boy in ur mama’s shop tho, unlike some of us doing it at oda ppls shop..ff @pelthony

  3. Really, JoelOseiga, i just love your posts and i wonder how you get to write them. Its been a while tho and i miss you.
    Hope you get to wow us gain next time :*

  4. Joel!!! I missed you and i soo much love the stuffs you write. But just that i feel its your responsibility to go to ur mum’s shop anyway.
    Ooooooo and i love you too :* :* :*

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