Well, its 2014… Happy new year..i am quite happy 2013 has ended for some reason i don’t understand yet.. but i hope its safe to assume you are too. ….Well though 2013 was a great year, i don’t really feel fulfilled.. probably because i didn’t  keep to  my 2013 resolutions so i had to roll them over to this year.. i hope you kept to some of yours tho.. .. ****** 2013 was a great year and i had a lot of fun.. well in my next post, i will be giving you a recap of the interesting events that happened in 2013. *****
There is no big deal yet about the year and in short, i dint make any new resolutions except probably to post on this blog at least twice a week and to live a very simple and calm life. I have made up my mind that this year, i will pay my tithe often and also to give to the poor and spend some of my time for charity…. really, i know 2014 is going to be a very great year by God’s grace.. anyway, i don’t have much to write right now… my first semester exams start on Wednesday..i wish myself the best .. Also, i have decided to open a new blog to share God’s word as led by the spirit.. you can check it out starting from next week shaa at
 www.joelehi.wordpress.com   …alright take care and welcome to 2014.


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