Alright, first of all, I don’t smoke so dont think too far. Good morning people, how was your night?? :)Mine was fine thank you and in short, I had one really lovely dream like that; I dreamt of my first crush :p …lol… really no jokes ooo… oya  let me burst your brain, I actually dreamt we almost got When I woke up, I ended up shouting more God forbids than remembering the dream itself sef… lol..  Geez!!  Chill, there is nothing wrong with her ooo… in short, She’s still very cute but you know, the  closer you get to someone ,the more you know about the person.(*Whispers* I don’t want a girl who will finish my whole salary on trying to show off to her enemies.)…Anyway, apart from the marriage part, every other part of the dream as interesting. It was just like I was in an Indian movie. It was soo cool… i didnt feel like waking up again .. at least till we got to that .

Well, I will be going to church by 9 and who knows what the service holds for me today. I have a feeling it’s going to be gery great…  and on the other hand, I am also having 6 tests this week!! Ha!!ok now, that’s really bad news…. I feel so angry! But what can I do?? Who sent me to study computer science in the first place sef?? Anyway, before those porters start disturbing my ear drums with the bell, let me just give you the small gist I have for this morning. This morning, I will be talking majorly to the guys. Sorry guys.. No offence… not all of you tho, just some. This happened just yesterday night. Thanks to the extrovism of my roommates, this matter was brought to my room.


Really, some guys don’t even have sense sef. Must you talk?? Really? If you know you are not soo talented in keeping a long discussion with a chick, then why ask to buy her a drink?? Some get soo gistless that they even go and jam-talk sef. Some others even form gist sef… Oya let me tell you what happened yesterday night. So there is this guy in my hostel that supposedly smokes. Let us call him Mr A . There is this other guy who actually can be described by me as not totally normal because in my life, I have never seen any guy as stupid has he is shaa. Let us call him Mr B.  So Mr B just became a friend to Mr A’s girlfriend and in the process of jobless talk which obviously was also a terrible mistake. Mr B goes telling the babe that “do you know your boyfriend smokes??” the girl goes “are you serious”….. And you know 100 level girls now, most of them come in with peanut sized brains… (Sorry no offence) … then she says “Can you say this in front of my boyfriend??” …. now at this moment, any normal thinking sly is supposed to at least flee but well, Mr A proves his foolish and then goes “ ai le soro niwaju oloro ibere oriburuku ni( A proverb of the Yoruba people of Nigeria which directly translates to ‘Not being able to talk in front of the man spoken about is the beginning of bad luck’) ”… lol… the serious mumu Mr B now takes the girl to Mr A and says “Sorry o Mr A, Don’t be angry. i want to ask you just one question; PLEASE,DO YOU SMOKE??”


lol… chill, let me leave Mr A’s reaction to your imagination….  As dumb as it sounds, do you know this actually happened?? Well, the moral lesson is if there is no gist, then: Please, Keep Quiet!! Oya, me i am going to prepare for Church oo… remember it is Sunday. Please go to church. Remember also that God loves you and you can tell him all you want to. After all . takia and have a blessed Sunday. 
(ff @joeloseiga)


2 thoughts on “PLEASE DO YOU SMOKE??

  1. Hey Joel Oseiga. Where did you disappear to. I have missed you. Its great to have you back. And yea, guys that do that annoy me because it’s actually very childish. Hope you have a nice sunday ahead.

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