Well, last week, I promised to start my character series. Let me start by saying it was a lot of fun . I really enjoyed eh e.. Before I forget, oya guess what happened in school last week Sunday????? lol… you guessed wrong! lmao….I SANG IN CHAPEL!! Along with a couple of friends… hahahaha.. God!! It was mad fun!!… Those girls were just screaming, they dint even allow people to hear the lyrics of the song sef…lolzz last week was just really lovely. To make things even better, that was the week I decided to be a perfect gentleman. Everything was just perfect and you know that chill feeling you get when you enter your class on Monday morning and your classmates start screaming… lolzz there definitely could be no other better way to start the week in school than that. In short, I have never had this much fun in my life on this campus

You know,  a times, it really sucks to be a gentleman. Some people just have the habit of getting on your nerves and because i was acting the perfect gentleman guy, when i get pissed, i have to get pissed with a smile. It sucks actually.Anyway, being a gentleman is not an easy task at all. In short, it is one of the hardest things a man can be. Especially when you are trying to form it. Throughout last week, I met a few new people, heard a few confessions, made more friends and did quite a number of other things.

Well, I remember when I was in Las Vegas during the break, I looked out of the hotel window and thought to myself, “Why do we do the things we do”…  really. You remember I said it sometime ago that most of my classmates have started behaving funny. Well, while some of them have actually realized that we only attend the university with our mates once and have started talking freely with everyone, others have even decided to move to a higher degree in being an ass. I wonder why there are so many asses around sef.

Well, being a gentleman isn’t something for “guys” … well, no wonder the word is “gentleMAN” and not “gentleGUY”.  In short, being a gentleman was a really hard thing to do. Can you imagine pasting a smile on your face from 8am till 10pm…? Greeting every living soul around you, being nice to everybody caring less about the asses, etc… In short, being a gentleman was all about being nice to both the people around you and strangers too. Though a times, just a hello could feel very heavy in the mouth, saying it with a smile would solve a lot of problems. oooo well, though i was a gentleman for just a week, I know how many funny complements I received. I also discovered 3 of my crushes too… at least, they felt free to come and tell me themselves. Good thing too, I did meet a lot of girls that I felt were “way out of my league” and did a couple of other things too. Look, being a gentleman is the ish.. No jokes..I really loved the feeling. You know what?? You can try it too…  I know you will love it. At the end of it all, the secret is “Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentlemn as courage.” Well, i did scramble something out on being a gentleman. Its in pdf format and you can get it at :


 so back to what i was saying earlier, when i was in Las Vegas, i looked out of the window of my hotel room and asked these questions that keep hunting my mind till a day out of tomorrow: “why do we human beings do what we do”; “why do we sometimes feel we are bigger than everyone else”; ” why do we behave like asses sometimes”. … well, if you like, think, if you like don’t think…lol… anyway, I will try my best to be blogging every day from now on shaa because i have repaired my keyboard…and I hope you enjoy the second semester adventures of Joel Oseiga where every occurrence is a gist. Remember i love you. Bye.

(ff @joeloseiga)


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