So, its my birthday again today and i am a year older. A year closer to when i get married and have my children. A year closer to acheiving all the dreams i have.
I lay right here on my bed watching quite a number of friends flock around me shouting “Happy Birthday Ose” … Gifts strolling in from left, right and centre. Here i am stareing at my phone as the battery bar slowly turns red from the receiving of calls and text messages. And here i still am, laying on my bed with a smile on my face but deep down in my heart, i feel great sorrow for a good number of things.


The affairs of my world are like the chameleon feaces on which i have stepped, when i clean it will not go.
Some friends have led me among the sharps of the forest, returning is almost not possible and going forward, a great difficulty.  So many things have happened to me. Things so bitter i cannot weep. I have been somewhere, if i turn here the rain beats me, if i turn there, the sun burns me.

Then i discover i have wondered on the wilderness. A great wilderness men call life. And then i discover that as a man from my country, i have no kin nor brother. Death and Religion has made war over our house and our houseold is no more only the broken fence remains. And the crow and vulture hover always above our broken fences and strangers walk freely upon our portion.
I am at the world’s extreme corner. I am not sitting in row with the emminent but those who are lucky sit in  the middle and forget.


I am at the world’s extreme corner. I can only go beyond and forget. Here i am laying on my bed, stareing at the eyeballs of each of my friends with a smile pasted on my face and all,i can deduce is that “The firewood of this world is only for those who are patient and that’s why many could not gather” .  All these and even more are flashing through my head as i add a year to my days on earth and also a year close to meeting the man in black robe who steals the diamond like life from people without pity. And finally, i wish i could tell these friends of mine that the world is not good for anybody but they are so happy with their fate.
And so, i lay on my bed with a smile on my face though with a troubled mind, enjoying every bit of my life cus i know pain and thought no matter how deep and hot still cant fry plantain. Smileing just like the proud African child with many sorrows which i am.


And here i lay on my bed smileing but ranting in my head.
Happy Birthday to me. Wishing myself long life and prosperity. And RIP Kofi Awooner.
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  1. Happy Birthday love. I love the way you express yourself. And though i have not met you YET, i am still your biggest fan. Happy birthday dear. Have a blast

  2. Ose Ose Ose! You have come again oo! Btw, what happened to you?? You havent blogged for amwhile now. Big point tho… and Happy Birthday Love

  3. “The firewood of this world is only for those who are patient that is why many may not gather” ummm….. u are a genius Joel . I love reading your blog too. Happy Birthday dear. Enjoy.

  4. Happy birthday to the birthday boy. Its more like it was your mind that was doing the ranting while you pasted a smile on your face for everybody. 🙂 LOL…but the part of pain can’t fry plaintain no matter how deep or hot got to me..would remember that. Joel, awesome post!

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