The Genesis Of Him & Her: Her Reaction

The Adventures of Him & Her


It has been approximately one week since I last spoke to him. One week of anguish, confusion, dismay, and pain. But I’m starting to get better at handling this now. Or at least, that’s what I think. For one week, I have gotten no phone calls, no texts, and no voicemails from him. I’ve even tried calling him and it occasionally rang, but for the past 4 days now, his line has gone completely dead. He’s probably deleted me as a contact and wants nothing more to do with me. And this was all caused by my stupidity. If I hadn’t been so f*cking horny and needy, I wouldn’t have asked for an open relationship. If I hadn’t asked for an open relationship, I wouldn’t have slept with Marvin. And if I hadn’t slept with Marvin…I’d have my boyfriend back. Now, He’s probably fucking that Rose girl day and…

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