ImageSorry I didn’t finish the series on high school memories. I actually thought I did. I was just going through my blog and discovered I did leave it hanging. Don’t worry, I will finish it. Now, the title of today’s post :”The Biggest Dullard”. Well, let’s cut the long story short, that was me. Though I attended one of the best secondary schools in the state, I wasn’t always this brilliant, in short, I was never this brilliant and then, i used to wonder where my empty head came from because everybody in my family is actually VERY intelligent… and i mean EVERYBODY . I always wondered why it excluded me. I always felt really stupid. Though right now I am on a first class and one of the best in the class (am not proud, am naturally intelligent and I know. I am not boasting oooo ), it wasn’t always like that. In short, it was never like that.

 While in high school, the only good result I ever had was my ss2 third term result. Practically, I failed every other class. Even my jss1 first term result was horrible. It got to a time my dad didn’t even bother asking for my result any longer. I still wonder how I didn’t repeat all my classes.  The worst result I ever had was my jss2 first term result.OMG!! If even my own child should bring that result home, I will not only beat the whole heaven and hell out of him, I will also withdraw him from school. He would become an apprentice with immediate effect. He will probably become a mechanic or a tailor for a while…Image Let me tell you what I had *whispers* out of 15 subjects, I had an F in 13 subjects and an E in French and an A in English. Yea, 13 F9s. for God’s sake, what was I doing in school??  Dashing OSCCO my school Fees?? Yea, that was like the only thing I was doing. I really never knew how I always got promoted. Most of the time, I had just what I needed for promotion.  Though, today, you see a boy whose life is sequenced around Mathematics and who has won a lot of Mathematics awards, just 4 years ago, if you ever asked me to write any mathematics exam I will pray for a cup passover. Right from when I was in primary school, all I knew was English and a bit of French. I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING!! Funny enough, all my friends, I mean all of them were very intelligent students. They were very good. One day, I went to see one at home and we were talking and then I don’t know where it came from, I had mixed feelings of anger, pain ,failure and determination. I started reading very hard and that was when I discovered that I wasn’t that bad. I was now an average student. All thanks to Afoo.

When it was time for Jamb registration, I don’t know what sent me to Kunle’s house oo, I just went. We were talking and then he asked me to write maths in Jamb. The first thing that came to my mind was “ is this dude crazy?? Me? Maths? This boy hates me I swear” then I said well, you will help me prepare for the exam and till tomorrow, I can’t forget what he said. He laughed and said “Ogbeni you will prepare yourself but trust me, you will pass”  kunle had 98/100 in Maths in his jamb so, I had every reason to believe him. Yeap that was the moment I climbed the ladder from average student to good student. I read really hard for my jamb, finished the whole Jamb series, read through all my notes rigorously many times and I went for jamb. Lo and Behold, for the first time in my life, I had a result I could be proud of. One I could show my dad. I didn’t just pass, I passed very well. My waec was very lovely; in short, every exam I wrote in ss3 was a very big success. I gained admission into three different universities and was even invited by a university due to my outstanding performance in Jamb. I was no longer the dude who didn’t know anything. In short, I was now receiving hugs and handshakes from teachers as one of the best. When I entered the university, I became a little bit unserious (though still serious enough to put me on a first class) but at the end of my 100 level, nobody told me before I sat up. Now, I can proudly say to you that I am not just one black dude who is good, NO!! I am one of the best and I was never a dullard after all. I was just not serious. Image

In short, no one is a dullard. You are just not passing because you haven’t read enough to hit your intelligent note yet. Back then, I couldn’t take my books to read for more than 30 minutes but now, I read for about 14 to 15 hours every day. To the guys, smart and brilliant girls like to hang out with and date dull and average students but they like to spend their lives with the intelligent ones. You are not dull. You are just not hitting that key note yet. Find yours Fast.

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  2. Bastard I knew u are already in first class..I tot we would do music or modelling together but seems I am in dis alone..dis blog ish,computa and writing is ur way..bless bro.. No wori linda ikeji would regret she didn’t kip u close wen u called ha

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