Right from time, I always believed love sucks!! And today, it has been confirmed. If you recall, I said in a post sometime ago that I am not ready to give my heart out to anyone anytime soon; today I want to tell you why.  Trust me, it is better to keep and swallow your emotions than to let it flow. Even if all my other reasons are not very correct to you, there is one reason that will always be right: IT REDUCES YOUR CGPA!! . Is somebody wondering how I got to know, I will tell you; I tried it last semester. One advice from me to you is; DON’T FALL IN LOVE, FALL OFF A BRIDGE. IT HURTS LESS!!

First, the expression most commonly used with love is “falling in love” and that’s what sucks about it. You are tricked into it like an addictive gambling game and then you are tripped and you fall and you keep falling in a seemingly endless spiral and like everything else that falls, you eventually hit a bottom and it will be hard and painful. Falling in love only gives you an incurable ache when you reach the end. Second, love is blind. You will walk into love without seeing it and you will follow love without noticing it. It will dictate your life and you will not know until the blindfold is gone and you love no more. Only then would you realize what kind of sheep you had been under the spell of love. Third love hurts. When you fall in love, there are many times your feelings are not returned resulting into a painful void in your heart. The pain will feel unbearable and was not worth the heady feeling you got before your love was not returned. After realizing the truth behind the disadvantages of love and after experiencing the heart break for yourself, you will only realize how meaningless and futile your love was. Your love will only cut you open in the end.

 When love finishes messing with you, you seem to suddenly become a very nice poet. You start to write things like:


I opened my heart

I let down my guard

You walked right in

And ripped my insides apart

You messed with my mind

I didn’t fight back


I enjoyed it so much

When it was all over you left my head

You ripped out my heart

And left me for dead

I will remember you

For you are the reason

I once was so open

But now I am closed            ……..etc                                                         



 Again, “All is fair in love and war”. This commonly used saying is very true; it will only result in your downfall. Competition is what love is all about and love is just the same. You will compete with others to show your affection and prove your love is most worthy. But, so will everyone else and you will be left with nothing, having sacrificed to try and win. The most important reason why love sucks and is not worth your time is that;  Your love is not more important than someone else’s. Unless you are some sort of Casanova or Eros, the Greek god of Love and Passion, your love is only important as long as someone believes it is. To keep someone in need of your love, it takes a lifetime of adoration and spontaneity, or else, they will look to someone else for the same love and adoration. In the end, LOVE CAN ONLY HURT YOU and as for me, I will keep all my feeling to myself and still keep being stingy with my heart.

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8 thoughts on “WHY LOVE SUCKS

  1. Yeah, student relationship is distracting, time wasting and a waste of money as a result of buying gifts to please your girlfriend. It is unnecessary and stinks!

  2. Hmmm..true talk nigg! Buh as a matter of fact,’falling in love’ with dhe ryt person makes a whole lotta diff.nywaiz,open up ur heart man!!

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