One Fateful day…

Thru Lola's Eyes

(This is my first attempt at a work of fiction. Therefore you are free to drop your jabs, comments and suggestions in the comment box below. Here goes nothing  something…. Enjoy.)


Kitan looked at her wristwatch, it was just 4:30 *sigh* She was sure she had looked at her wristwatch 50 times today,the day was so freaking slow. pause. Introduction. Olaoluwakitan Williams was her name (by the way if you’ve heard this name in a movie before, mind your business and keep reading) and she was the latest, youngest, freshest lab analyst at Fraison Pharmaceuticals’ Quality Control Laboratory. She loved her job on most days, but not today. Today she was in a hurry to get home. The Jumia people were delivering her iPhone 7(Yes,iPhone 7 -__- ) by 6pm today. Just as she was wondering how she survived daily the choking smells of Prophenotamol powder and Septomaquin…

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