Chill… are you that imprudent?? You met that chick somewhere in school, you collected her number, you call her every night, you buy her ice cream, you sit with her every time,you try to make her very happy and cormfortable. You call her every night for about 25 minutes and she has called uou only ONCE!! Even that once, she dint spend up to 2 minutes on the phone. You save up your pocket money to buy her a gift of about #25000 and on your birthday, she sends you a sms and gives you cornflakes, singlet and a belt. You finally ask her out ag the end of the day then she says “Ooooo thatz soo sweet but i am already going out with someone. My boyfriend is studying medicine in Russia” . Instead of you to pack well and friend zone the babe, you feel it’s a time to hang around and play Mr Nice Guy, spending your money on her and God help you if the girl is a sharp girl , she uses you to catch freyshness and u r still there, giving yourself hope,Wake Up my Friend!! You are not in love. YOU ARE FOOLISH!!!


Some guyz really amuse me. Is it that they dont understand or they just refuse to face the truth?? Once a girl does not have feelings for you, all the money in the world can not bring it…. you think “one day she will fall in love with me” … Mumu boy, you better wake up!! You dont fall in love,You grow in love!! Do you know those you can catch with your money, i will tell you. Shoddy, substandard, common,tawdry ,low , contemptible, economical, low-cost , reduced, cut-price, inferior girls. CHEAP girls. You dont meet a girl today and tommorrow you are kissing, holding each other, sleeping together and you say you are in love… MY FRIEND, WATCH IT!!! Real girls dont give a flying damn about your money….. whatever they are looking for, i dont know but trust me, it’s not your money.

Bros, you better wake up and stop chasing that one who will answer you only when children start breast feeding their mothers. Wise up… when she gets tired of the free money, she will shout at you!! And she will tell you exactly what she sees you as to your face.. .. Her BANK!!! And it will pain you!! You probably will then start thinking she was magaing you all thw while…. no my friend, You were MAGAing YOURSELF!! She was just helping.

(Follow me on twitter @joeloseiga)

(follow me on twitter @joeloseiga)


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