Whose Government?? Yours or Your Pocket’s??


As allured as I am not to write anything about the authorities, the debauch nature of those in the political system is really shuddery and calls for serious attention. Though I have decided to take my hands off writing about the political structure and inclination of the country and her rulers, I still can’t hold out the temptation to do so. Look, if you want to kill yourselves over power, you are free. Trust me, Nigerians and even your family will only mourn you for a week or two and forget about you. Most Nigerians don’t even care if you are alive or not. After all, what use has your existence been to them? Oh yes, sorry, it has been ‘very useful’… Let me give a few examples of your achievements……. High rate of youth unemployment, buying petrol for #97 per litre, terrible road network, horrible system of education, lovely PHCN that has succeeded in holding power only to themselves. Those are the great works our good government has been able to give to us. Na wa ooo!! You see, I am not even very mad at the way they are even siphoning the money placed in their care, what is irritating my soul is our own future which they are disrupting because of their greed. If they even use the stolen money for useful things that benefit humanity, it probably would have been less of an offence but what do they do with the money?? Send themselves and their children abroad, marry more wives, build gigantic houses, buy hedonic cars etc… they just waste it!!

Not only have they succeeded in making life hard for an average Nigerian, they have also succeeded in poisoning the minds of the Nigerian child. In the days of my grandfather, when a child was asked what he wanted to become in future, he would say things like : a doctor because I want to save lives, a lawyer because I want to uphold justice, a teacher because I want to make an impact in someone’s lives, even those who had the love for money were saying things like; I want to be an engineer so that I can build big houses and make good money, etc. The fact is that they all chose professions that they loved and most of them chose those professions because of the satisfaction and joy they derived from it. Have you ever tried asking that same question in a primary school today?? I bet that at least 16 out of a class of 22 will want to be governors, ministers, senators, presidents, etc and the remaining 6 won’t mind holding public offices. What happened to the joy of hard work and the satisfaction derived from an average salary?? I will tell you. Have you ever listened to news on the radio before?? Have ever heard them talk about mismanagement of public funds?? If you have, you will understand why almost every Nigerian child wants to become a politician in future. The outrageous figures they mention is enough to poison a child’s mind.

The most painful part of their actions is that even with all the shouts of the likes of Seun Kuti, Femi Falana,etc they still refuse to listen. The youths are shouting high rate of unemployment, they are shouting government grade and marking scheme. The youths are shouting bad Governance they are busy shouting Merger. The people are shouting no food, no water, no money; they are shouting and fighting over allowance. Everybody is crying Boko Haram, they are shouting 2015 elections! For heaven’s sake, this is 2013!! Or is 15 minus 13 no longer 2?? 2 years is not 2 minutes o!! Don’t you get it?? It is not the length of your election campaign that matters! it is the people’s trust in you!! Moreover, I wonder why it should pain you so much if you are relieved of voluntary stress (which good governance is supposed to be) by losing an election to the extent that you threaten a whole nation especially one you have ruled before. Do you really want Nigerians to believe you want to serve?? Oh! Of course you do. The question is who or what do you want to serve? Nigeria or your pockets?
If you want to destroy your lives, destroy it in peace but please, stop dragging the lives of our youths down with you. If you want to kill each other, good luck! Kill each other with your own hands and stop using our youths. Let the law catch you and lock you up not one poor man’s son whose future might have been bright if not for your interference. We have so many rivers in Nigeria. if you don’t know anyone, that’s not a problem, you must know 3rd mainland bridge. JUMP!! Let your family enjoy all the money you have plundered. Stop destroying the future of our youths by siphoning the tomorrow’s resources into your private accounts. Me I don’t even know who they are deceiving sef?? I think it is high time they are asked: Who’s government are they?? Theirs or their Pocket’s?? Definitely, it is not Ours.



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