Why on earth should I give a hundred reasons why I love you huh??  Don’t you get it lady? I LOVE YOU and that’s the only reason why I love you. You see, I often get amazed each time I see a guy tell a girl “I love  you, please be my girlfriend” or “will you marry me?” and the girl says “oh thank you very much but please give me 100 reasons why I should even go ou with you”. JESUS!!!!!! Aby, ARE YOU NUTS??? Oh my God!!! I still find it really hard to digest. Did you actually ask him to do that??

 Look, the only 100 reasons why he wants to go out with you is because he loves you. If he tells you any other thing, then he is lying. You know, some really pretty girls have deleted their future husbands just because he couldn’t tell them where he got their bbm pin from 😉 . look lady,  you really don’t have to be mean because that young man really wants you. Though its quite unfortunate I can’t give my heart to anyone (at least not anytime soon) buh I still can’t imagine why you should ask me to give a hundred reasons why I love you or a 100 reasons why you should go out with me.

 When I was in my final year of high school, I had a very good friend who happened to be my roommate. He did ask one of our juniors to be his girlfriend.

I remember, this dude really liked this girl and as at that moment, he could have done anything and everything she wanted. To be sincere, the girl liked him too but whatever happened to her head, me I don’t know oo. Do you know this girl asked my friend to write a 100 reasons why she should go out with him(in fact, that’s where I got this topic from)?? Jeez!! Even God did not have to state a 100 reasons why he loves us, he has just one reason, HE LOVES US!! That’s it. When the bobo got to the hostel, he gisted all of us in the room. He tore a full scalp sheet, numbered 1-100, and when he was about to start he said “am I crazy??” “OJ!! Am I insane??” to be sincere, I laughed as hard as I could. The bobo folded the sheet very neatly and threw it into the dust bin. Oh my God!! I really can say it anytime and anywhere that this girl missed out someone really real from her life.  Ok, so the gist is she lost the guy cus of her crazy questions.

Look, love is a feeling. It’s the best when its mutual. If you like that guy, and you know and you are sure he feels for you too, I mean, very sure he loves you back, take your phone right now and dm him.  Please lady, be careful and don’t throw yourself at any guy cus if you do, he will use you and DUMP you.

Oh yea, I am not through so… Lol.. ok, now I am through…

You have a problem with my opinion, let me know.. I won’t mind knowing if you support me too you know… let me know through the comment box.

 Always remember, Ose loves you but God loves you even more.





2 thoughts on “100 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU

  1. hmmm, nice article o.j………but come to think of it, if ur so called friend really lyk d gal,he wud av at least writing 10…not necessarily 100..meaning,he was not ready to make sacrifices for her……..anyways, weldone and keep d flag flying and be a good boy…….

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