The words of my mouth cannot even express how happy I am that this semester is finally over. Let me start by apologizing to you all, I know you haven’t been seeing a lot of me around lately. I told you, it was because school work has been really stressful and time consuming. This semester was great, I made a lot of new people, made a whole lot of friends, tried to forget about some people(which obviously, hasn’t worked yet) and of most importance, learnt a whole lot about swallowing one’s pride.    I have a break and will be going home very soon. I presume most schools are through with their first term and semester exams (whichever one you fall into) how was yours? Hope you read well and did pass. As for me, my exams will be in January.

Today is 22nd  December, 2012 and it is exactly three days to Christmas. How do you plan to celebrate yours? Are you travelling? Going out with your family? Planning a treat for your wife or girlfriend? Or even planning to ask that girl to maImagerry you? Feel free to share. I will be starting another series very soon. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a lot of fun and you are going to have a lot of me around. Don’t forget to share how you will be celebrating your Christmas.

Remember, Ose loves you but God loves you more.


(ff @joeloseiga)


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