Since I was a young boy, my friends and family always wondered why I kept smiling no matter what was wrong with me. The truth is even I didn’t know why. My friends used to call me a coward because no matter how much anyone annoyed me, I wouldn’t do anything but smile and walk away. Even I didn’t know why it was like that until not long ago.  That faithful morning after I woke up, I prayed and was meditating. In the process, I discovered that the whole world could be compared to a very large farm, God could be compared to a farmer struggling to make enough profit for his family and we human beings could be compared to the crops on that farm. Now, look at it this way, on a normal day, when a farmer has some crops on the farm that doesn’t bring fort anything, the next thing is to cut it off but, I discovered that God is not that kind of farmer. Though He wants the profit, He still waters every single crop on his farm hoping that someday, it will spring fort some fruit.



The funny thing is that no matter how patient a farmer can be, after some time, if that crop does not spring fort fruits, it will be cut off!!! That is the same with God and man. Every man in this world has a purpose but if you refuse to be useful for what God wants to use you for, you will be cut off after some time. After thinking and meditating on this for a very long time, I ended by saying the only reason I smile every time is because GOD LOVES ME.  Experiencing God is the best thing that could ever happen to you and as I always say, ‘falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I have ever done’. So, always smile because GOD LOVES YOU TOO because if He doesn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. You probably would have been dead by now.  Always smile because God Loves You. Don’t forget, Ose loves you but God loves you more.



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