You know that feeling you get when you like someone soo much that your head is closed towards every other… first of all, it is weird because, on a normal day, I don’t fall that easily for girls. In short, I have never fallen for any not till last year anyway. Of cause, I had a few crushes in high school but, I really have never had anyone drive me ****** before…. But seriously, I really liked this girl. You want to hear my really sad but funny story, having to hide my feelings for twelve months?? Okay, let me tell you. Okay, it all started when I went to register for my school id card (and I have even lost it sef),I was on the queue and I saw this girl , she was about two spaces away. This girl put on a white shirt, was light in complexion, tall, her hair was like those of the mermaid feeble, her legs were long and straight, when she turned, her beauty could only be compared to those of my dreams. This girl was looking beautiful, sweet, lovely, and most important was what attracted me to her; her quietness and her smile. Till tomorrow, I will still have a heart for that girl. If you have read my previous articles, you will know that I don’t walk up to girls. Not because I am scared or something ooo but, I just feel its soo not cool but that day, I was ready to go through hell and get insulted. I waited patiently till she was through but quite unfortunately, when I was just about to make my move, she received a call and rushed off( I had not even gone near her yet oo so she dint know I was about to make a move). That was how she slipped off my fingers that day. After that day, I still saw her around very many times but quite unfortunately, none of those times ever seemed right. Either I was going to read or rushing to class or she was. One evening, one my buddy Tolani and I sat at the last seat in chapel waiting for the service to begin before moving to the front when she came in. Oh Gosh! I really can’t forget that day. That boy pushed me till I went to meet her. She answered me well and it was a lot of fun because we did talk well. We sat together for virtually almost every evening service till the end of that semester.
  During the holiday, we talked almost every week (for four months). When we came back to school, I couldn’t really see her because I stopped sitting with her in chapel and I got really busy with school work. I tried my very best to call her everyday to make sure she was okay. I had known her for about a year now and this was a girl I had feelings for since the month we met. Then one day, one evening, I don’t even know what came over me, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I collected Tolani’s phone and called her. I told her how much I loved her and etc like that shaa… well, she patiently allowed me to finish and the she said “Ose, the truth is that I am in a relationship right now”. Those words pieced my heart but as I always say, the solution to all forms of pain is laughter. I only laughed, smiled and went to sleep. That was how I lost the girl I had a lot of feelings for.

 Seriously, if you like someone, if you have feelings for someone, all you have to do is to spit it out of your mouth. It isn’t too heavy to say. Even heaven knows that if I still have the opportunity to go out with her, I really won’t mind but now that she is in a relationship, I have no other choice than to just pocket my feelings.  As my friend Tolani will say, “there is no time to waste time”. Just man up and do it. It won’t bite. Look at me, what was I thinking sef, that for twelve months, a girl as pretty as that will actually not date a guy? I must have been jonzing.

 Finally before I drop my pen, if you like that chick, just tell her. She won’t break your head. After all, the worst that can ever happen is for her to tell you NO!! And then, you will feel really bad and then get over it if you like it or not. Trust me, dulling is really really bad.

Let no man ask me who this lady is because I won’t spit it, don’t forget, you are free to comment on any post, follow the blog by subscribing, you can like the blog page, you are free to reblog if you want to. Remember to read your books, Ose loves you but God loves you more. Watch out for my next post. Till then….. Stop dulling and go…

(ff @joeloseiga)


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