Sorie I affnt posted anyfin for a very long while. I just resumed school and of course, you know now; registration classes and stuff. To spoil it all, this year, I will be doing one of the most confusing courses (ordinary differential equation.. ODE) in school so therefore, instead of posting every week, I will be posting every two or three weeks and when we start our tests, I will be posting every month. Sure you have been enjoying the writing series: memories of high school; you  read “meme…theirme”  high school memories and  my encounter with a fine chick where I described how life was in high school. Today, you will be reading the series finale of high school memories when I will be writing about my atrocities in high school. Please remember, you can comment on any post, reblog, and of course, you can subscribe by email (if you are using a computer) so that whenever I post something new, you will get the notification. Enjoy!

High school was very interesting I must say. The thing is that those that know OJ in person know that I hate anything called trouble but the funny thing is that I faced the disciplinary committee of my school at least once every year (jss1 to ss3). Most of the offenses I committed were either because I was naive or I meant to do something I considered normal but it always landed me in big trouble.


When I was in jss1, whenever  I heard the word “disciplinary committee”, I used to think they were a bunch of teachers who will tie me to  a tree and beat the hell out of me when whenever I commit an offense (dumb shey??) but then one day, our English teacher came to class. I thought I liked her soo much because I was young, innocent and naive then. Let’s leave that one shaaa. Soo, as I was saying, she came into the class, she had a cracked voice. To make matters worse, my classmates were really shouting and d poor woman was also shouting at the top of her “cracked voice”. Having a good intention in mind and trying to rescue her from the stress, I put my hand up and when she called me, I said “ma, please reduce your voice, you are shouting” oh my GOD!!!! That day was very brutal. It is one day I just might not forget easily. Though I was moved with innocent and stupid pity, she didn’t care that I was young and naive. She beat me mercilessly then took me to her staff room. Oh God!!! I really prefer to be disgraced outside than in any staff room ooo…..*if you know what I mean*…… then, for the first time in my life, I faced the school disciplinary committee (SDC). Probably because they felt I was young and naive, I don’t know, but, they let me go with a warning.

Jss2 was a long year. In short, that was the year I started moving with my seniors and I started ‘dusting cane’……OH LORD!!!! It made sense like MadT!!!!…. I started dusting cane ehn…. You know that feeling now, the feeling you get when a teacher is flogging everybody in class and there is an harvest of tears, then you just ‘bounce’ to the front and take ,Mr. Mark’s uncountable strokes without moving an inch. Mehn!! Seriously, you know the bible says all things work together for good. I thank God for the accident I had in jss2 that made me change my walking steps… I shouldn’t lie ehn, I enjoyed it. There was even a day I was the only one who dint cry in the whole class and I bounced back to my sit. I have forgotten what we did but the truth is that I really felt fly on that day shaa. Although, I can’t remember the full details of my jss2, I remember I did something that made me face the SDC and this time, they dint spare me. I was called out and flogged. six strokes to be precise. Though I dusted it, it was really really painful.

Jss3 was a short year. I had exams. By that time, everybody in school had already started looking at me like one kind of sure bad guy like that. It was soo much fun. It’s really painful I can’t remember clearly but, I know I entered one small case like that.

At the end of my junior high, I had faced the SDC 3 TIMES and not been SERIOUSLY convicted once.


Ss1 was one year I faced the SDC twice. This guyzz made me feel like I committed one very grievous, terrible ,unforgivable, dangerous criminal offense like that. I belonged to a group like that ***wait ooo… itz not a secret group ooo… itz a sch group like that*** it was one extracurricular group like that shaa. So, I was supposed to travel with them but for some reasons, I didn’t go but instead of returning home, I decided to go to a cyber café. Bad luck started when the rain started falling and I got stranded there, my battery was flat soo my phone went off. I got home around after 5 pm. When I got home, I discovered my dad had already called and called but cus my fone was switched off, he couldn’t reach me then, he had gone to look for me in school *which was very unusual* buh didn’t find me. He then……………………………

I will continue in 3 weeks time…. Don’t forget to hit the like button, subscribe by email and of course, you are very free to comment on any post. Takia of yoursefffz I love you guyzz… :*




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