I will continue to write about my life in high school (at least till I get tired of it) till I have written about enough interesting occurrences. I am sure you have read Memories of High school and “ME ME…….THEIR ME”.  Today, I will be writing about a very close friend of mine. As in, very very very close oo. In short, she was one the closest female friends I had in my final year of senior high. She was one hell of a marvelous girl. I miss her and her bestie oo….. her bestie ehn, her smile can intoxicate you…. Ok, back to the girl. I will call her LADY X (buh thatz not her name oo)

 You know that feeling you get when you are the third person to do one particular thing ever since the school came into being, when almost everyone in school knows, you know that feeling now, that feeling; when you are walking and it’s like the whole school is saying “that’s the guy” that’s “SUREBOY” and all you can do is to form fresh boy and walk, that’s how it was. I felt like a star and as far as the premises of the school was concerned, I felt like 2FACE. I was the third guy to do a song in a studio in the school. How people knew and how people even know the song sef, I don’t know till today but people knew shaa, the song was on the lips of almost everybody. I could hardly walk 10 feet without someone saying “OJ” or “SUREBOY”, Mehn! To be sincere o, I enjoyed it. Don’t worry, I will upload it and post the link one of these days shaa.

 Back to the subject, the incidence happened during summer school. That afternoon, almost everybody had gone home ooo (except the ss3 students) I was in ss2 then, so, whatever I was still doing in school, I don’t know but just when I was ready to go home, I saw this girl, she walked out of a class, her hair was the color of a raven’s wings and cascaded like a waterfall down her back but this was no more striking than her eyes which were like sapphires set symmetrically into her chocolate colored face, brimming to the point of overflowing, with peace, wisdom and compassion. Her figure, slender and pale like a porcelain ornament and seemingly as a fragile, also looked at the light as a feather. Indeed, she appeared to glide as she moved swiftly across the pavement. Her eyes held a distant, dreamy look within them, yet, seemed to scan her surroundings with purpose. She had a set of perfectly icy white teeth. I was perplexed! She then stood in front of another class. She was waiting for her big sister. Naturally, people who know me well know that I seldom (actually don’t) walk up to girls anyhow, but that day? It was like……I shaa don’t know joo……..i shaa went.

I was a really shy guy then soo obviously, I dint know what to say soo, I just stood by her and you know now, like all those films, I said “Hey”  with a smile(lol seriously, I still don’t believe I pulled that kind of dumb stunt and too bad, neither wale nor funsho was around to help me but I am no more like that ooo) this babe looked at me and carried her face away. I told myself, boy, try again, soo I did it again but this time, she shifted as in I mean really shifted ooo… like she moved away and stood in another place. Jeez! I felt like the ground would just open up and swallow me. It was that day I knew that both the RAM and PROCESSOR of the human brain are faster than that of a complex hybrid computer. in just about 5 seconds, I had thought of soo many things, asked myself soo many questions, dumb ones, in short, very dumb ones sef.then I told myself, if you don’t  follow her, you just successfully allowed yourself to be disgraced gbam! Soo of course, I went again. Though she still didn’t answer me, I felt less insulted. I tried talking to her but you know those times when they are saying something on the radio and you are shouting even at the top of your voice but the radio isn’t just answering, i.e., it receives no reply. The Yoruba people of Nigeria call it “Asoro ma gbesi” in direct translation, “the thing that talks and get no reply” , that was what I looked like on that day. The ss3 students finished soo of course, her big sis came out and I had to leave.

The next two days were the same  but this time, I was making her laugh but she still didn’t say anything. The third day, was a bit different. For the first time, she spoke when she laughed and told me her name, we talked somehow shaa. Throughout the remaining days of that week and the next, we only waved at each other.

 It was the last day of summer school and everybody were in high spirit; exchanging phone numbers, etc . I went to her and asked for her number, and then another drama started again. She said she dint have a phone!(that answer was really annoying but I dint know if she was lying or not). I started talking and talking but she still said she dint have a phone and I could ask her big sis for her own. That was one crazy task on its own. You know why? Cus her big sis had already washed soo many guyz in school. When I did meet her big sis, we talked small shaa and then she gave me “A” number. I called the number right in her front but the machine said “this number those not exist on the MTN network” I was soo disappointed and the I told her the number is switched off, she said “I am charging it at home soo I switched it off”. I didn’t say anything again cus I felt stupid enough so I just told her I will call in the evening. I felt soo fooled! I dint even disturb myself I let them go and I had forgotten almost everything about her.

 It was four days to resumption and of course, I was preparing for school already. My phone rung and when I picked and said “hello, who’s this?” she said “its LADY X” . I was shocked but happy at the same time though. I was soo happy that I dint even bother asking where she got my number from. We talked and talked almost every night, we texted each other every day (sms o)I mean we chatted with our credits every day. It was soo much fun being close to her. I cherish her a lot. I love you LADY X.

That was one really crazy incidence. Seriously, it will take a lot of time before I forget it. Watch out for my next post in this series of high school memories. I love you  :*

(ff @joeloseiga)  




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