Hello, I am back. Sorry I went off for some. How has your summer been? hope you are preparing for resumption? cus trust me, school is really going to be annoying at first. Although, I could not really travel , summer has been marvelous for me. My friend Toyosi and I attended a music school(BAMILAW MUSIC ACADEMY) where we learnt how to play the guitar, I got a column in Aspire Magazine, I went to different concerts, passed a scholarship exam and for the first time in my life, I visited to my home town(BENIN CITY). It sure has been a lot of funJ. You see, I have taken time to think hard and I have decided to stop writing about the government you know why? Because the government can take care of herself and she doesn’t need me to tell her what is right or wrong, so as from now on, we will be talking about more interesting subject, personal experiences and informal issues shaa. Did someone just notice my informal way of writing, well, that’s the new way, I think it would be more fun writing in an informal manner. I forgot to write about chilling with my guyz; wale, kynswagg, jibola,Ycb, my brother Vino, sari swaggz and many others . Trust me, if you don’t know those guyz, then you don’t know some really nice people and if you guyz haven’t heard YCB’s   “SPIDERMAN” and VINO’S “M.O.E”, then you are really missing something out. Don’t worry; the links to each of the songs are at the bottom of this post. You can also checkout some very good bloggers;  and  those peeps are very great bloggers.

I posted an article sometime ago about friendship. I said your friends form part of the reasons you take some actions shey?  About three weeks ago, when I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was the secondary school I attended. I remembered the very few and marvelous friends I had, I remembered most of the nice moments I had, all the fun, I remembered Amiola Damilola who although we started talking during our mock chemistry practical exam, we had become very close, then I remembered Esther Oyekoya and all the nice and amazing times we had as buddies, I remembered other things…. then I couldn’t help it any longer, I dedicated that day to calling all those who were my friends back in school reminding them of the memories we had together and reminding them of how much they mean to me. When spoke to my close buddy Oguntade Folorunso, we shared memories and though I naturally don’t cry, I felt warm water roll down my cheeks from my eyes and for the first time in my life, I wished I could return to OSCCO to live those memories again. It was then I remembered the article I wrote the day i graduated and decided to post it now. Please read carefully, trust me its really interesting.


Today, I am graduating from OSCCO at last. I am one of the happiest guys in this school right now but too bad, I just can’t show it too much but one thing I have learnt as at this moment is that life would have been soo soo boring without the right friends.  Though I have committed a lot of atrocities in this school and everybody tends to see me as one ‘bad guy like that’, the truth is I never did any of those things on purpose.  I remember when I was I jss1,our French teacher came into the class, she had a cracked voice and to make matters worse, my class mates were also making a hell of a noise so the poor woman was shouting at the top of her voice. I was soo young and innocent so out of pity, I put my hands up and told her this words”Ma, I think you should reduce your voice, you are shouting”. That day was a really bad one… maybe it was what I said o but she was soo angry that her voice cleared immediately. i was seriously trashed on that day. If I keep writing about interesting incidences I had In that great citadel of knowledge, I will write end up writing a novel. For now, I want to talk about my life in oscco +people.

 The first two people I will talk about are more than just friends. They are the brothers I never had.  Oguntade Folorunso and Abiona Olawale. Those guys were not just my friends, they were my blood, my brothers. I remember us cooking and eating indomie then fighting over who took the largestportion, I remember them pouring insults on my head each time I did something really stupid or annoying for fun but one thing I learnt from them is ‘never give up on a friend’. They are real guyz, real friends. They always seemed to know everything about parties, music and socials generally. It was fun being with them and I am missing them already. They always had my back even literarily.

Now, I will talk about a very close friend. Trust me, where we met, how, when (etc) I really don’t know but I know that as far as my memory can get me, I have always known Iyoha Jeremie since I was small. That guy? We have history together. The best times we had together was when jeremie,wale and I left the shores of this country together. We had soo much fun. I just might never forget it.jeremie and I have a lot of history, from the “gimmie gimmie gimmie gulder show” to the bicycle riding, the cows, the maize, and even the prayer we haven’t finished saying till now. It has really been fun. That guy thought ne how to play basketball and the best all was when he saved me from the cold hands of death in the hands of KABIRU  *Laughs*  .  That day, one ish happened and the next thing, KABIRU jumped down from where he was sitting and started shouting “OSHEGA! OSHEGA! EMI! EMI!” and before I could even think of running away, the angry hostel gateman had pounced on me, given me a blow in the mouth (I couldn’t eat for about a week) and wanted to go on and on but just when I thought Ose, this is the end, a very big hand came, pushed KABIRU away and I ran for my life. The only difference between that day and SPIDERMAN3 is that I was not his girlfriend. Whatever happens bro, I will always love you and have your back. I have a lot of people to talk about but too bad, GUY is calling me..soo till I ever have time to complete this write up, it’s the hostel health prefect male saying BYE…..  JJJ


That was what I wrote on my graduation day. I just didn’t have the time to write about SURE BOY, the accident that changed my walking steps, all the holiday classes I attended, all the fun I had with my SS3 partners; Atiene ,Adeniregun and Ajimati  who happened to be the best partners I had throughout my life in school, when the three of us rapped for the fun of the moment. I couldn’t write about life in the hostel, about “GUY” ha! “Guy” that one ehn.. don’t let me talk…… I couldn’t talk about that friend of mine that I officially met on AUGUST 12. That friend is one I just might never forget. AUGUST 12! It is her birthday, AUGUST 12! The day I checked my WAEC result, AUGUST 12! The day two different universities offered me admission, AUGUST 12! The day I officially got to meet her! AUGUST 12! OPE’S BIRTHDAY!!!  I couldn’t write about the strokes we collected for “RMI NOTE”.  If I should continue writing about my life in OSCCO or about the wonderful friends I have, I just might never stop writing.

I want you to know that as far as you are my friend, you mean a lot to me and I love you. Its fresh to reflect on your memories once in a while, to laugh off and learn from things that happened in the past, remember actions you had taken and those you regret ever taking. We should always let our PAST experience be our teacher. As for me, I love you and I care for you.






  1. nyc 1 dere,i neva read dis b4 but readin it nw,i enjoyed it.u av a talent put more effort in it n u will be marvelled at wat it will turn out 2 be.gud job bro

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