See me see wahala ooo!! See this one oo…. You see, sometimes when some people actually pull some stunts, I ask myself, what it this one feeling like sef? Some people actually write some things, say some things and even do things that just make me ask myself, why should I care? You see, there was a time when people really mattered to me, when what people did say about me always mattered, when I cared about what people saw me as, I tried to hide the real me for the ‘their me’. Jeez!! I really regret that!! When I was in my final year in high school, as a border, I discovered that it was of no use living the ‘me me’ in the hostel and the ‘their me’ in school and in public. After all, people seemed to enjoy the interesting and playful ‘me me’ than the boring, quiet and bouncing ‘their me’ . if there is one thing I learnt from that movie SMALLVILLE, it’s that you can’t change who you are just because you want to fit in.  Look, I  am not saying being a nerd is cool ooo, just that, there is a way you can be both ‘you you’ and ‘their you’ and its simple. Anybody that doesn’t accept you for who you are, just see the person as a nobody in your life. You think; oh God am soo fat that I can’t get someone to walk with; I am soo ugly that even my dog is sometimes scared of me or even; my head is soo big that the only nickname I got in high school was Edward ; I am soo soo sorry for you ,you know why? cus you are going to end up pushing that interesting side of you into the bush.

You see, I have lived in this world only for not less than 16 years (I am not 16 years old ooo) and yet, I have some regrets already. Sometimes, I just wish I could turn back the hands of time. Although I did enjoy high school living ‘their me’ but I think it would have been more fun if I did live ‘me me’ , if I had the guts to live the life I was living in the hostel in school, I just might have enjoyed school even better. Look you, yes you! You gan gan! If you don’t throw start living the ‘you you’ life style, it will pain you sooner or later.  When I was much younger, I knew a boy, this boy had a very big head when I mean big I actually mean BIG. He was living on our street then, my small sis ,other children and I used to laugh at him, we used to call him ‘bonga fish head’ but all those stuffs really never got into his head, he never cared, he was just that guy who always smiled and laughed at the names we called him. Last year, I saw this guy,he was soo sweet, and he had the chicks… and for that head, and the names we called him, it didn’t matter anymore. Me, I don’t care, not like if people are saying bad things about me I wont talk or if people are saying untrue things I will keep quiet but when it comes to issues of friendship, issues of decision making, sorry if you don’t like the ‘me me’ then you can walk the plank! I have learnt a not soo bitter lesson that if you change who you are because of somebody else, it never ends well. Who cares if you are the prettiest girl on the block, who cares if you are the richest guy in school, who cares if you go to The Atlantic for vacation, who cares if you are the basket ball team captain? Definitely not me! Trust me, I DON’T CARE!! I love the ‘me me’ and I will live ‘me me’ to the fullest. I think you should try that too you know 🙂

(ff @joeloseiga)



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