Most times, I laugh at the way some Nigerians follow most of most of these ‘political gurus’ who say they want the best for us. I ask myself a rhetorical question. Is it that these people are so blind that they can not see what is going on??? “Ha!! Nigerians are too whynable”. It is bad enough that these politicians make our youths and even adults take decisions and do things for their own personal good,it is worse when people do more than what these ‘good politicians’ requested for.
I am not supporting President Jonathan neither am I opposing him but when fuel subsidy was removed,Nigerians took to the street,called him names,carried empty caskets with his name written boldly on it,carried posters of his obituary,and in short, some people even left the comfort of their homes to sleep on the road (doesn’t that sound stupid??). Did all those ideas just jump into their heads? Wasn’t it someone or a group of people who put the ideas there? I still wonder how some people could be so dumb to the extent of believing a very rich politician who says he is fighting for the rights of the poor. Can’t common sense tell you he is fighting for his pocket?
The Northern part of the country even before removal of fuel subsidy had been facing serious terrorist attacks. The only thing these ‘good politicians’ did and even still do is to “condemn the attacks” . I can’t remember when any of them went to distribute relief materials to the victims of these attacks but when fuel subsidy was removed,I laughed when I read it in the papers that some of these “good politicians” were distributing “relief materials”. The question still on my mind is “relief from what???”
The truth is that these “good politicians”use Nigerians a lot. They turn our heads upside down and quite unfortunately, most Nigerians dance to the tune of their music. We follow them like pins attracted to a magnet and we help them fulfil their ‘demonic’ political ambitions
As I said earlier, I am not defending the President, but what were these “good politicians” thinking when they were encouraging people to take to the street? What were they thinking when they were saying all those ‘good rubbish’ about the man in power? That the younger ones were not watching? {*laughs*} The last time I checked, youths and children learn by precept and example. Although, I am not trying to oppose any group of people,but the truth is if those “good politicians” actually opted for “occupy Aso rock with dialogue” other than “occupy nigeria”,then students of The Federal University of Lagos wouldn’t have even thought of “Occupy Unilag” when the school name was changed. They probably would have sent people to dialogue with the president too or better still, kept quiet. If these “good politicians” do not stop painting the president black for their own sake,then Nigeria might just be heading towards total doom.
These “good politicians” are like a disease which some of we Nigerians help to spread by throwing reason into the bush and following them blindly. The greatest challenge to Nigeria’s development is the underdeveloped minds of Nigerians. We should learn not to allow our anger or hunger overthrow our sense of reasoning. An hungry man is allowed to be an angry man but not a foolish one.
How much longer can the body survive this disease? We should learn to OPEN OUR EYES.

Joel Oseiga



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